Saturday, March 20, 2010


Furst - da reeely beeeeg noooz. MOMMA GOTTED A JOBBIE!!!! She's wurkin fer a 'turney in a neerby town, so no more takin da train efurry day. She sez it's moar reel state stuff like she wuz doin before, but dis time its deelin wif korts too. Makes no sense to us, must be silly beenz stuff. Oh, an dis is NOT da jobbie we posted bout lass time, he nefur called her bak. DIS guy herded bout Momma frum anuder 'turney at Momma's church.

Second - we wun Kimo n Sabi's contest! Momma's gotta pick out da goodies still.

Third - Momma's daddy also gotted a job. Sumpin bout countin beenz, but not da door to door type of countin. Agin, we doan get it. Beenz is weeerd.

Dere's lotsa ofur good noos efurrywhere, an its all makin Momma giggle happy. She's got frenz dat got engaged, an frenz dat got noo babybeenz, an frenz wif noo jobs, an a fren whose brofur just gotted home from a 2 year trip on sumpin called a mishun.