Monday, February 26, 2007


We's seepin! Leaff us lone witchy woman! Hokay? Hokay!

(edit: hmmmmmmmm yuutuube is seepin too!!)

Friday, February 23, 2007


Where is my toy??? I put my orange ringy thingy right.... waitaminnit.... da shoo is gone too! Dis is NOT FE-AIR!!!

I hided my ringy thingy in Momma's shoo unner her desk so's Teazer wouldn't find it an play wif it. An now Momma's shoo is gone... and I can't find my ringy thingy.

Would she really have left my ringy in her shoo if she was warin em?


Thursday, February 22, 2007

We figgereded it out!

Is a noo kinda shiny flashy thingy! Dis one makes moooooooooovies! Teazer was on da pickshure box playin wif Momma's foot.

Now if we kin figger out howta get da mooooooooovies offa da shiny box n onto da pooper, we kin share em wif yoo!

Preparing for my grande debut...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What she dooo now?

Momma broughted home sumfin shiny n beepy. N she keeps followin us wif it. We dunno what she doon yet.

She should give us stinkies n den go play wif her stringies.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh we didn't tell youse!

Momma came home late agin on Fryday. Da sisser purrson showeded up wif da Mini purrson n playeded wif me. Teazer stayed near da seepy rooms so he could scape to da dark spots.

Momma finally showeded up wif her momma and daddy, n da Mini din't want da Momma's momma to go way. More purrsons dat look like our momma but doan smell like her. We's confoozled. How many not-Momma's are dere?

Anyway, efurrbody leff fur a while n came back smellin like meat. Well, da Momma-momma n daddy din't come back, but da sisser n our purrsons did. N dey din't share none!

So den yesserday dey all wented out agin, an da Mini din't come back wif em. Just Momma n Pooka. Dats when Mungo got horky in da pickshure box room. N den dey leff agin too. Dey came back reeely late wif bags n a box of CHEESE! But dey won't share! Agin!

Now Momma's moofin stuff round da pickshure box room n skeerin us. Long as she dont make the purple sucky monster chase us, we won't hafta do biteys on toeses.

We likes grass

But I guess it doesn't like Mungo back...

Mommy brought us home a thingy of spechul kittygrass. I let crazycat Mungo attack it first an make shure it was safe. Den we both chewed on it. Yummy stuff.

But den Mungo horked it up!

Mommy wasn't happy an grabbed Mungo off da floor while she was horking, trew her in da food room n toal her no horkin on da carpet. And den she tooked away da grass n put it up high!

Guess I'm glad I let silly sisser try it first if it was gonna make her sick.

Purrs n scritchies,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No fe-AIR!!!

Hoomanmommy broughted home greenstuff and she won't let us chew em!

She calls em "rowzes" and toal her mommy dat she deserves em jest fur her. She sed dat dey're her pretties n we cant have none. But dey smell so nummy n we just wants a bit!

Hey, what's dis? She's takin da rowzes into da sleepy place? And CLOSIN DA DOOR so we can't get in???? Dis is REALLY NO FEAIR!!!

Oh, da whitestuff finally stopped fallin from da sky, but its still all ofur da ground n da bushies. Da landlord guy came by agin wif his funny sucky monster n skeered us agin, but not so much dis time cause he's been here so much. Mebbe now da whitestuff stopped, so kin he.

What's goin on???

Efurryting outside our sunny spots - which haffn't been furry sunny lately - changed colors! It's all WHITE n weird. Kinda like sumbeen lay down a big fluffly blankie. It cofurred the bushies n da walkie places n da street n efurryting!

Momma gotted home yesserday and had whitestuff stuck to her shoos n pants. And boy was it cold! N Wet!

And den dat been Momma calls "da landlord" came by wiff some strange noisy sucky monster that made da whitestuff fly all ofur. Dat was skeery! Efun more skeery den da purple sucky monster Momma uses in da room wif da pickshure boxes n da hooman sleepy rooms!

So den dis mornin efurryting is all white agin, efun all da places da landlord guy cleaned with da sucky monster. Why'd he go skeerin us fur if he wasn't gonna be all done? Silly beenz.

Monday, February 12, 2007


We haff friends!! Furry friends!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Da Hoomanmomma's train (whazzat??) had a nacksydent, so Momma came home late. Her sissy showed up with the Mini and a bag fulla yummy smellin stuff, but dey wouldn't share da yummies. Sumpin called curry.

Den Momma and da sissy did stringy thingys. Momma's sissy does diffurnt stringys den Momma, sumpin wif two big sticks n thick stringy, where Momma uses one really little stick n lots of diffurnt stringys n a piece of fabby.

We din't useta like da sissy. She looks kinda like Momma but she shore don't smell like Momma! But she learnded how to give good scritchies an she ushully has stringys, so we's tryin to get useta her.

Now da Mini is seepin and da Pooka is in da wet spot n da sissy went bye-bye. Momma's still doin her stringys n watchin sumpin on da pickshur box.

She's so silly!

Mungo is being a furry silly kitty. She's sittin under a chair in da food room staring at the big box next to our pottybox. An she won't move.

Hoomanmomma got down on da floor with a flashy thingy and looked, but she didn't see nuttin. Well, toys we hidded and dusty stuff. But nuttin innertesting.

So I gotses down too, and I don't see nuttin.

Sisters are silly. I wunnder if she's effur gonna move.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Momma speaks

Silly catz...

Okay, so Teazer has a mild heart murmur. Apparently not uncommon in Maine Coons, and definitely supports our theory that their father was at least part Coon. The murmur is more noticeable when he's stressed or working out, which obviously he is at the vet's.

So the vet suggested that we try out Royal Canin's Maine Coon formula. Larger chunks of kibble to help exercise their larger and stronger jaw muscles, extra glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health - hip dysplasia is another common ailment in Coons - taurine for heart health, Omega fatty acids for skin and hair, and very low carb. Because the vet says that cats, and especially Coons, are "opportunistic carnivores". They get more energy from protein than they do from grains.

Which is why she also wants us to give more canned food. She said that there's no reason to go for fancy stuff, that Friskies would be just fine, just so long as it's meat. Interestingly, the cans say that a cat should be getting an ounce of wet food per pound of body weight. So Mungo should be getting 9 ounces of wet - or almost two full cans - a day? I'm going to hope that this is assuming that they're not getting any other food, cause right now they aren't even able to finish a half-can at a sitting.

The good news is that the cats definitely like the new food. We've got about a half bag of Purina to finish off, but in order to save myself from a mid-wweek run, I picked up a bag of the new stuff today (at three times the price...gasp). I was transferring it from the bag to an empty resealable tub, and after I looked away for a minute, discovered both cats with their noses in the tub eating! They were never THAT excited over Purina before!

So the plan for now is to give them half a cup of crunchy in the morning when I get up from bed and put it away out of reach before I leave for work in the morning. That gives them about an hour for breakfast. When I come home, they each get a half-can of Friskies canned, and then for about an hour before I go to bed, they get another half cup of crunchy. If, over the span of a week, they're routinely emptying their bowl of crunchy, then I can up it by a quarter cup each feeding. We're not going to adjust the wet stuff yet. Up till now, they were getting a full cup of crunchy in the morning and topped off when I got home, plus half a small can of Fancy Feast (because freebies were coming with the Purina and then lots of coupons) twice a week.

So yes it's going to cost more money this way, but I think of it along the lines of me taking preventive medicine for my allergies. If you know there's an issue, why wouldn't you do what you need to do to prevent it from flaring up.

The Momma

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Izzabout time!!!

Da Hoomanmomma finally finally gots us our own bloggie. Took her long 'nuff, dontcha tink?

Acourse, she did it on a day when we's mad!

First she tricked us into going into our condo rooms and closed metal thingies behind us. Then she took us out in da cold cold white stuff outside. And then she put da little hoomans and us in another box that moved. We started yelling at her then, but she wouldn't stop.

So then efurryone gets out of da moving box - the Pooka-hooman calls it a "carr", we found dat out later. We all went into a place with a WOOFIE. Big noisy woofie that was sniffin our hoomans n making noises n bein drooly. Yuck. Teazer really didn't like dat cause Hoomanmomma was sittin close to da woofie, even though we were still in our condo rooms.

Then we went into a white room with a table and cabinets, and we finally got out of our condo rooms. We HAD to explore, right? I found I could jump up onto da metal table... cold table! and Teazer just had to upstage me and jump onto da cabinets. Well lah ti dah.

But then? Worst of all?!! Da lady in da white coat showed up! She put me on another cold metal thingy and told Hoomanmomma I weigh almost ten pounds. Then she shined a lighty thingy in my face and hugged me funny and put something on my tummy and then she pokeded me in da butt! TWICE! But I sucked it up like a big brave kitty and didn't cry. Then da lady in da white coat grabbed Teazer and did da same thing to him, except he's a chunkey monkey and weighs eleven pounds.

White Coat Lady sed sumpin bout Teazer's hart murmuring. Well, duh, he whispers at me all da time! White Coat Lady wants Hoomanmomma to buy us a different kind of crunchy food to see if it makes Teazer's hart not so whispery, she sez it's made spechul for mane coons (whatever THOSE are) and that mane coons have a... umm... sumpin bout deyr harts. Does dat mean Teazer's a mane coon? I thought we were CATS!

White Coat Lady also told Hoomanmomma to give us more stinkies! Yay! She said that we should only get crunchies for a little bit of time in da mornin and at night, and dat we should get stinkies efurry night! Maybe White Coat Lady isn't so mean after all...

So den dey shoved us into our condo rooms - after what happened before, we did NOT wanna go in dere agin! and took us back to da "carr". Dis time, Hoomanmomma brought us home where we's safe. And den dey went back out and got us TOYS! Fluffies n jingles n fevvers!

Now dey gone agin, sumpin bout babysittin. Why do beans sit on babies?? Teazer's still off sulking, I bet his butt hurts. I get da fevvers!!