Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mebbe nooz

Momma hadded a meeting about a mebbe job yesserday. She sed da meeting wuz good, da boss guy seems nice and da job isself souns grate. But da ofiss is cold. Not turn-up-da-heet cold but empty cold. Nobeenz haf pickshures or toys or nuffin on da desks. No moosic playin, an da boss doan like da moosic (she asked). She sez she'lll take da job iffen he offers it to her an if she don't get sumpin better before den. She don't spect ta heer back for a month cuz dats wut he sed.

She mite haf anudder meeting next week for differnt job. She's waiting fur more nooz on dat one.

Da bess nooz, tho? She doin da stringy stuff agin! Da stuff she calls stitchin. We aint seen her do dat in furrever, an we know part of dat was sadness fur not wurkin. So mebbe da sadness is ofur?