Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm too little to figure out the computer yet, so Mommy's playin secretary.

My name is Firecat. It *was* Bud but Mommy was NOT gonna let me stay named for a beer. Yeah, Kittymommy's people called me Budweiser and one of my litterbrothers was Miller. Beenz are silly. I have 6 brofurs n sisfurs in the same litter, 5 of them went to other forever homes and Mimi is stayin with Kittymomma. And the beenz here say that Kittymomma is finally gonna get snipped so no more kittens. Pooka wanted to keep both me an Miller, but da hoomandaddy over there gave Miller to some other been cause he didn't know Pooka had claimed us.

Anyway, I'm 7 weeks old (my birthday is July 6) and I'm a little bundle of curious energy. I've only been home for one night and I've already figured out ringy thingy and dancing lightspot and how to climb up into Momma's bed. Momma took me into the sleepyroom last night and closed the big kitties out I like doing bitey bunnykicks on feet!

The big kitties are still growly at me. Teazer follows me around sometimes and kinda watches over me. But Mungo isn't ready to play nice at all yet. She even hissed and swiped at the beenz a couple times. She hasn't gotten close enough to swipe at me, though. But I'm a good little kitty an show em my belly and tell em that I know I'm the baby.

I hope we can be friends!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey, waitaminnit!!!

Nobunny tole us dat having a brofur ment sharin da HOUSE!!!!

He's a nitty bitty floofy ting. An he doan look much like us. He's mosly white wif splotches of kinda brownish color, an his tail is dat same brownish wif darker ringies on it. An his furs are short. Momma, are you SURE he's our brofur?

Oh, an Mungo REEEEEEEEEEEEELY no likey him!!! She swipeded a paw at him coupla times, I just hissy ta tall him his place. Da beenz doan get it, tho.

Oh, an he alreddy had a BAF!!!! He dint fite much, just right at furst an den he stopped fiting.

Guess I'll get usedta him sumday.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nip Fit!!!

Yootooob is slow to get mooovies reddy sumtimes, so if it's not reddy when yoo look, pleez come bak!!!

Trubble Tuesday

But not trubble fur us!!!

We doan like woofies, but we like dis cartoon Momma gotted in da email from her buddy GolfDude. So we sharin!

Mebbe later we got Momma to put more mooovies of us on Yoo toob.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it over?

Okay, so efurrybody's back home where dey belong. Da sootcase is empty an unner Momma's bed. An nobody smells like strange kitties ennymore.

Da invader wuznt so bad. Cuz when dey all gotted home dat nite, da invader went right to Momma's room n closed da door. Momma slepted in Pooka's bed, wich wuz weerd. But we putted bitey on Momma an she gotted right up in da mornin when we wanted her. An den dey all lefted agin an no invader camed back. So we hardly sawed her.

Da weerd man is back too. An he stayed round fur dinner after Momma screameded at him fur a while. Da kidbeenz went to sumpin called a "park" so Momma could yell an be mean at him. He's a wimp, tho. He dint fight back or put biteys on her or nuttin. He efun sounded sad so I bet he was bein a bad beenz. But Mini reely luvs him so we won't give him badbiteys or poop in his shooz. Mebbe a hareball, tho.

Pooka's happy cuz skool starts next week. What's a week? Ennyway, she's happy. She likes skool. Mini likes skool too but she's not talkin bout it yet. And we'z happy cuz our beenz is happy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get well soon!

(fanx to Skeezix fur da pickshure!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007



She's bin gone fur a million sleeps n Momma's not anserin us. She finks we askin fer cuddles - in DIS heet? she nuts! - or food.

Plus Momma's bin stayin home longer in da mornins wif Mini an messin wif our messes.

We doan like dis an we want efurryting back to norml!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007


Sumpin noo n interrsting happend.


I not sure wot happend cuz I wuz in da food room. But I herd Momma ask Mungo wot she wuz playin wif an den Momma squeaked. I ran fer da pickshure box room an saw Momma dump out da bloo trashybox on da floor an put it upside down ofur da Mickey. Mungo wasn't happi cuz she losted her toy. Well, it wuznt a toy, it was a Mickey, but Mungo wanted ta play wif it more. Den Momma scoopeded it all up wif some kinda heffi paper n took da Mickey outside.

Momma's proud of Mungo fur findin da Mickey n gave her toooooona. An she told Pooka dat it wuz a baby Mickey n dat dere's prolly more. Mungo's now stayin in front of da warmy tingie under da winnow to find more Mickeys.

Me? I gonna go back to watchin fur fevvers out da big door in da food room.

Stoopid hoomans

Furst.... Pooka aint gone nowhere yet. Least not nowhere she don't normally go. She does keep comin home smellin like kitties. Our Mommakitty and sum bebbiekitties. Mebbe our noo sisfurs n brofurs?

She did try takin pickshures of da noo bebbies but dey doan sit still nice. Dey furry curious kitties an she keeps getting pickshures of blur. She's tryin ta convince Hoomanmomma ta bring home two bebbies dat Pooka calls "dreemsickers". Pooka sez no more tuxies 'lowed. Dere's da two dreemsickers, two or tree tuxies, an a tiger, an Poooka's friends are comin up wif silly names fur em all. I wonder which one is res... resp.... to blame for "Moomoo"... I put bitey on dem!

So da soootcase is still sittin in da sleepyroom wif nuttin in it. We confoozled.

Oh, an den da Momma came home smellin like kitty too. Strange kitty. She sez sum sillybean came to her office to haff a meeting an brought a kitty in a backypack. We dunno why a hooman would do dat in da furst place.... but Momma sed dat da kitty doan like air condishuning needer so he wuz hidin. Hah! He wuz hidin cuz he wuz skeered of beein dere, not cuz it wuz cold. But dats what his hooman told Momma. His hooman's really dumb.

uhoh, Mungo found a fly. Must go rescue it.