Sunday, July 6, 2008

Guess what???

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah yeah, we've been hiding. The old farts have just been lazy. Me? I've been trying to learn to talk right. And playing with the Momma. And annoying Pooka. :) Plus Momma keeps the puter busy so I haven't been able to blog lately. Someone round here's gotta do it, right? And the biggies are too *busy* hiding in the window.

Anyway, today I got catnip just for ME! Momma wouldn't let the biggies have any. A nice big pile in the middle of the living room carpet. And then?? Before we went to bed? She ran the big purple sucky monster all over the floor so there wasn't any left! Of course, I was all done with it by then.

The biggies are bein nicer to me, too. Teazer and I both lay by the back door for a long while yesterday and today while Momma was doing something with another noisy machine and colored fabrics - Millie, did your Momma talk to my Momma??? - and we were actually TOUCHING. They haven't been trying to rassle me either. Maybe they finally figgered out I'm not leavin?