Friday, December 21, 2007

More bout yesserday

Fire: I... I.... I got WET!!!!!!!! *sniff*sniff* no FEAIR!!!!

Mungo: Oh don't let da little spaz fool ya. His pawzes got damp, dats all. He skeered Pooka n hisseff more'n ennyfing. Dat'll teech him ta go chasin MY lite!!!!

Teazer: (thwaps Mungo) Caint yoo be nice fur ONCE? You done it too, member?

Mungo: Nuh uh! No rain in da rainbox wen I done did it!

Teazer: Mebbe not rain, but oh did you get wet. Mini was takin a baf!

Mungo: Oh... um.... yah.... dat.....

Fire: (perks up) Oohh, I not da only kitteh ta do dat?

Mom: Must remember the videocamera for the next time... and there WILL be a next time muahahaha

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Fire's a stooopid spaz....

Momma maded da red light come out ta play. An we all wuz chasin it round fur a wile. But Fire chaseded it into da splashyroom... where da Pooka girl was in da rainbox! Yep, Fire ended up in da rainbox too! We wuz laffin n laffin n laffin so hard. Efun Momma wuz laffin!

Now Momma wishes sheda had da moovie box runnin ta get it on tape.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I gotses da warm cleen close basket. Momma sez I'm silly diggin myself a nest in da towls.

It got wite outside agin. An Momma still didn't deccyrate. I tink she gaved up on it.

Da kids went to da gramma's house an Momma did lotsa shoppin today. I smell nummystuff in dose bags but she woan show us. She sez it's fur anudder kitty. What? Why she buy nummies fur udder kitties???


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

wif pollygees to Bill Cosby, whoefur he is

...Mom is hip,
She give us lotsa nip....

Yeah baby! We'z flyin today!

Momma putted out nip fer bof us on our scratchy boards. Mungo is hoggin da incline board, but I gots my spinny ball one so dats okay. Momma knows I like ta play wif da ball in da track when I nippy ennyway.

And Firecat aint got none! He trapped in da sleepyroom all by hisseff agin. Stoopid bebeh needs ta lurn ta not climb uppa Momma's shelf tingy on da door. He gotted his butt paddled lass nite fur it, an he cried ta me askin why Momma spankied him. Like I gonna tell him? Dummy.

Oh, Momma needs ta go shoppin, too. We's all outta stinky goodness. How can she let dat happen??? She also said sumpin bout "no otemeel" to da Mini girl, an she got all cranky dat she hadta have tost fur brekfust insted. Beenz are weerd.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey, wots dat stuff???

Deres wite stuff outside!!! Its been fallin frum da sky all day yesserday an all nite an all day so fur today. Wot gives?

Momma tookeded da flashybox wif her to wurk so we cant neeven put up pickshures of it. But we will.... we finks. LOL

Momma was happy bout da wite stuff but she sad too, she dint get da deccyrashuns up outside yet an now she mite not be able to do it. Why does wite stuff make it so Momma cant deccyrate?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dems hoomans.....

Such strange creatures...

Dey all stayeded home from skool n wurk n all da udder tings dey do fer da last coupla days. Momma made lotsa messes in da food room an made it all hot n smelly. Good smelly, but still smelly. And den she moveded da table into da pickshure box room n put a blankie on it n den da udder hooomans camed over. An dey all ated at da table an didn't share wif us!!!

Well, not rite away, at least. Later, when Momma shoveded da table aginst a wall so's dey could play on da pickshure box, Momma gaved us all bits of sumpin called turkey. Nom nom nom!!! Teazer n Firecat din't like it, but I LUVS it. Momma gaved dem corn when dey wouldn't eat da turkey, an deys wuz happy wif dat.

We finks tings is back ta normal, but we's not sure......


Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's OUR day!

Two yeers ago today Momma broughted us home from our kittymomma's house. We wuz furry little n kinda skeered cause dere weren't many places ta hide (kittymomma's house wuz furry cluttered n had lotsa boxes n baskets n furniture wif dark places unnerneaf).
Dis wuz were we tooked our firstest nap at our noo home. Unner a chair dey call a po-ang. Lotsa space n no darkstuff. In cayse yooo can't tell, we's bof curleded up tageddah dere. Dat's my head on Teazer's butt.
Laytah, after our nappies, we started explorin. We founded da poopybox n da foods n toys. Momma gotted us a kewl toy wif a mousie on a springything dat jingled wen we hitted it. Dat was Teazer's favrit for a long time. See, he still luvved dat toy fur momfs n momfs.... dis pikshure wuz taken just afore our firsted birfday.

Now efun wif da noisy little beast of a bruddah around, we take speshul care of da house n da beans. An we no we's still da babies. Momma sez so!

See, here we is guardin gainst little sticky beans!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ohs noes!!!

Mungo jest tole me a seekrit. I gettin a hoohaectomy. An Teazer jest laffed n laffed.

Daisy tole us wot a hoohaectomy is today. I skeered. Mostly I skeered coz Teazer bein mean bout it.

Oh! An tomorrow I gonna be four whole mumfs old! Ise such a big kitty. I gotta get Momma to take a pickshure of me on da keyboard agin so youses kin see how big I gettin.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Little kitty, big fishie

Dis is da Mini's toy frum sum neeemo moovie. Mommy tooked him away after dis cause sum of da stitchin wuz comin off.

Momma sez: nothing structural, just an embroidered "scar". But I didn't want to risk strings being eaten.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dese arnt da droyds yur lookin fur

(we doan no wot dat meens, doh....)

Momma gotted us a new climby scratchy tingy. But she's hidin da flashybox so we can't take pickshures of it yet.

Fire's still a noxious little git. Momma still locks him up in her sleepyroom when she goes away and when she sleeps. And he still poops in da baftub once in a wile, so Momma's been keepin da door to da wet room closed when she can. But mostly he uses his potty like a good boy.

We're gettin more wet food now dat he's round too. An we efun get it in da daytime! Once Momma puts Fire in da sleepyroom, den she feeds us stinky goodness. Almost efurry day!! Dat way we can eat wifout him tryin ta steel it. She tinks it's too soon fer him ta have stinky. We din't get none till we wuz 6 mumfs old, needer.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Desktops part deux

No we din't fergetted, honist!!! LOL

Dis is da home pooper. Momma sez she doan need kittehs on da pooper cause wez always unnerfootses. Or in Fire's case, nibblin footses....

Da pickshure is from sumpin called a webcomic dat momma liked. But da artist hasn't put up an update in a long long long time. Dis makes momma little sad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Desktop meme

Blogger's been a bad bean and wouldn't let me log in till now. At least Fire didn't try ta put da bitey on da pooter.

Ennyway... dis is Momma's workin pooter. She dint no dat Teazer played hitchhiker in her briefcase ta get da pickshure! :) But he fergotted his towel...

She doan like ta have lotsa stuffies on da desktop. Da icons dat are dere are tings she usees a lot for wurkin.

We gonna post dahome pickshure layter.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stuff on my cats

And no, not that kind. LOL

I caught Firecat using the bathtub as a toilet. I'd been seeing leavings on occasion but didn't know who it was till this past weekend. No sign that he's going anywhere else that he shouldn't be, or that any of the other cats are doing it. It's always in one particular spot in there. And his litterbox in my bedroom is always available to him, the only time that door is closed is if he's in there being kept separate. He's only 11 weeks old, so maybe that's got something to do with it, but it's still driving me a little bonkers. Ideas?

Teazer is slowly becoming more accepting of Firecat, but Mungo still wants nothing to do with him. So I'm keeping Fire in my bedroom when we're not home and when we're asleep. The biggies are getting wet food in the daytime instead of for dinner, this way I don't have to close Fire away to let them eat. Yep, Fire keeps trying to get at the big kids' food. I don't mind it so much with the kibble, but I found a horky mess in my room the last time he snuck wet food, so I'm keeping him away from it.

The babysitter is already having people come over to see the kittens there. They're only 5 or 6 weeks old! Brownie's doing a great job of being able to move around and is already trying to get at momma's food, the others are all still nursing at least for fun (when I picked the kids up last night, four of the five were attached to the momma while Brownie was off playing with the human kids). I've tried to convince the sitter that it's too soon, I don't know if she's listened and is just trying to line up homes early or if she's expecting kittens to leave now.

Love n headbumps to all,
The Momma

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Naming of Cats

The momma speaks....

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer's names came from T.S.Eliot by way of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm a big fan of ALW (although not as huge as the Sextet's momma is!), and I'd taken the kids to see the national tour of CATS shortly before these two came home to live with us.

They were originally being called Fiazko (Mungo) and Moomoo (Teazer). I have an online friend who goes by Fiazko, and I just couldn't see using that for the kitten. The name came about because they were born during Hurricane Katrina (no, we're nowhere close, but I guess Abby has family somewhere down there, so it was hot on their minds). And I'm sorry, Teazer may look like a floofy Gateway box with legs, but I was NOT going to continue calling him a cow. I'd been sifting around looking for boy-girl pair names but nothing really grew on me enough to use.... until we saw the show. In the stage production, Mungo is male and Teazer is female. At the time, we thought the kittens were as well. Wasn't till they went in for alterations that we found out we had them backwards, and by then they'd already been given their new names, so we just left it as is. I was asked by several family members if I was going to flip the names to match the stage production. Then I read the original plays and realized that there's no gender indicated, so I'm not worried.

As for Firecat (who I often call Fire now as a nickname, or fluffmonster, even though he's looking like he's going to stay short haired, or just kitteh when I'm being goofy and in lolcat mode).... there's a Cat Stevens album called Teaser and the Firecat. Has some of my favorite CS songs on it. We were originally going to take another pair from the litter, but the human dad adopted out all but two without letting anyone else know what he was doing. Pooka's friend Abby came home one day to discover that only Mimi and Firecat (who they were calling Bud) were left. We were going to take Bud and Miller (yes, they were being named for beer.... my daughter has strange friends), and I was again thinking of alternate names. When I found out that Miller was gone already, I told Pooka to bring our boy home right away before he could be adopted out from under us. While I was on the phone with her about it, Moonshadow came on the radio. Which put Teaser and the Firecat in my head. And I just couldn't shake it!

Teazer and Fire are getting along a lot better overall, as you can probably tell by the picture in the last post. They only stayed curled up like that for a few seconds, basically long enough for me to get the shot. Then Teazer rolled over but stayed nearby. They rassle and chase each other all the time. Mungo, however, is still not willing to accept the little interloper yet. Lots of growling and hissing, lots of bonking him on the head if he gets too close. She's gotten sufficiently used to him to finally come back into my bedroom, though, and I've caught her eating the Kitten Chow a couple times. Probably retaliation for Fire going after the stinky goodness LOL.

Now the babysitter's cat has a litter of kittens and they're all trying to convince me to adopt the little russet kitten with the weak back legs. He's doing much better, by the way. Still weaker than his littermates, and his rear paws are turned out at the ankles, but he's able to get around almost as well as anyone else in the litter. They're all really wobbly and kind of dragging their back feet behind them. They're about 3 weeks old now, I think, so it's going to be a while before I have to worry about being nagged into submission. Mungo's lack of acceptance of Firecat is a big reason for me to not bring another kitten home, and especially if he's still got mobility issues. He may not be able to get away from pissycranky alpha female.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't know who's already played. So consider yourself tagged if you want to!!! :)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm too little to figure out the computer yet, so Mommy's playin secretary.

My name is Firecat. It *was* Bud but Mommy was NOT gonna let me stay named for a beer. Yeah, Kittymommy's people called me Budweiser and one of my litterbrothers was Miller. Beenz are silly. I have 6 brofurs n sisfurs in the same litter, 5 of them went to other forever homes and Mimi is stayin with Kittymomma. And the beenz here say that Kittymomma is finally gonna get snipped so no more kittens. Pooka wanted to keep both me an Miller, but da hoomandaddy over there gave Miller to some other been cause he didn't know Pooka had claimed us.

Anyway, I'm 7 weeks old (my birthday is July 6) and I'm a little bundle of curious energy. I've only been home for one night and I've already figured out ringy thingy and dancing lightspot and how to climb up into Momma's bed. Momma took me into the sleepyroom last night and closed the big kitties out I like doing bitey bunnykicks on feet!

The big kitties are still growly at me. Teazer follows me around sometimes and kinda watches over me. But Mungo isn't ready to play nice at all yet. She even hissed and swiped at the beenz a couple times. She hasn't gotten close enough to swipe at me, though. But I'm a good little kitty an show em my belly and tell em that I know I'm the baby.

I hope we can be friends!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey, waitaminnit!!!

Nobunny tole us dat having a brofur ment sharin da HOUSE!!!!

He's a nitty bitty floofy ting. An he doan look much like us. He's mosly white wif splotches of kinda brownish color, an his tail is dat same brownish wif darker ringies on it. An his furs are short. Momma, are you SURE he's our brofur?

Oh, an Mungo REEEEEEEEEEEEELY no likey him!!! She swipeded a paw at him coupla times, I just hissy ta tall him his place. Da beenz doan get it, tho.

Oh, an he alreddy had a BAF!!!! He dint fite much, just right at furst an den he stopped fiting.

Guess I'll get usedta him sumday.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nip Fit!!!

Yootooob is slow to get mooovies reddy sumtimes, so if it's not reddy when yoo look, pleez come bak!!!

Trubble Tuesday

But not trubble fur us!!!

We doan like woofies, but we like dis cartoon Momma gotted in da email from her buddy GolfDude. So we sharin!

Mebbe later we got Momma to put more mooovies of us on Yoo toob.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it over?

Okay, so efurrybody's back home where dey belong. Da sootcase is empty an unner Momma's bed. An nobody smells like strange kitties ennymore.

Da invader wuznt so bad. Cuz when dey all gotted home dat nite, da invader went right to Momma's room n closed da door. Momma slepted in Pooka's bed, wich wuz weerd. But we putted bitey on Momma an she gotted right up in da mornin when we wanted her. An den dey all lefted agin an no invader camed back. So we hardly sawed her.

Da weerd man is back too. An he stayed round fur dinner after Momma screameded at him fur a while. Da kidbeenz went to sumpin called a "park" so Momma could yell an be mean at him. He's a wimp, tho. He dint fight back or put biteys on her or nuttin. He efun sounded sad so I bet he was bein a bad beenz. But Mini reely luvs him so we won't give him badbiteys or poop in his shooz. Mebbe a hareball, tho.

Pooka's happy cuz skool starts next week. What's a week? Ennyway, she's happy. She likes skool. Mini likes skool too but she's not talkin bout it yet. And we'z happy cuz our beenz is happy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get well soon!

(fanx to Skeezix fur da pickshure!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007



She's bin gone fur a million sleeps n Momma's not anserin us. She finks we askin fer cuddles - in DIS heet? she nuts! - or food.

Plus Momma's bin stayin home longer in da mornins wif Mini an messin wif our messes.

We doan like dis an we want efurryting back to norml!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007


Sumpin noo n interrsting happend.


I not sure wot happend cuz I wuz in da food room. But I herd Momma ask Mungo wot she wuz playin wif an den Momma squeaked. I ran fer da pickshure box room an saw Momma dump out da bloo trashybox on da floor an put it upside down ofur da Mickey. Mungo wasn't happi cuz she losted her toy. Well, it wuznt a toy, it was a Mickey, but Mungo wanted ta play wif it more. Den Momma scoopeded it all up wif some kinda heffi paper n took da Mickey outside.

Momma's proud of Mungo fur findin da Mickey n gave her toooooona. An she told Pooka dat it wuz a baby Mickey n dat dere's prolly more. Mungo's now stayin in front of da warmy tingie under da winnow to find more Mickeys.

Me? I gonna go back to watchin fur fevvers out da big door in da food room.

Stoopid hoomans

Furst.... Pooka aint gone nowhere yet. Least not nowhere she don't normally go. She does keep comin home smellin like kitties. Our Mommakitty and sum bebbiekitties. Mebbe our noo sisfurs n brofurs?

She did try takin pickshures of da noo bebbies but dey doan sit still nice. Dey furry curious kitties an she keeps getting pickshures of blur. She's tryin ta convince Hoomanmomma ta bring home two bebbies dat Pooka calls "dreemsickers". Pooka sez no more tuxies 'lowed. Dere's da two dreemsickers, two or tree tuxies, an a tiger, an Poooka's friends are comin up wif silly names fur em all. I wonder which one is res... resp.... to blame for "Moomoo"... I put bitey on dem!

So da soootcase is still sittin in da sleepyroom wif nuttin in it. We confoozled.

Oh, an den da Momma came home smellin like kitty too. Strange kitty. She sez sum sillybean came to her office to haff a meeting an brought a kitty in a backypack. We dunno why a hooman would do dat in da furst place.... but Momma sed dat da kitty doan like air condishuning needer so he wuz hidin. Hah! He wuz hidin cuz he wuz skeered of beein dere, not cuz it wuz cold. But dats what his hooman told Momma. His hooman's really dumb.

uhoh, Mungo found a fly. Must go rescue it.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ohs noes!!!!!!!

Da sootcase is out agin. Who's leavin? When? and fur how long????

Da guybean's hangin round a lot longer den he useta. An da Mini, too. Sumpin bout summer skool been done. An other beans keep showin up. An dey smell like da same woofy dat da guybean sumtimes smells like. We doan like em, and we doan tink Pooka likes em much needer. She plays nice but we kin tell she's playin. Why do beenz do dat?

Monday, July 16, 2007

We almost forgotted

But da Sextet remindeded us....

Our beenz came home yesserday smellin like WOOFIES! Little woofies. Well, mostly little. Dere were fore baby woofies n a momma woofie n da momma's momma woofie n some boy woofie dat wasn't part of da fambly at all. An Mini smelleded like woofie all ofur da place. I wunner if she was rasslin woofies.

Mommy sez she was a naughty been cuz she forgotted da flashyboxes an dat Mini was lotsa fun wif da woofies. Silly mommy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's Mommy's purrrthday today! She's reeeeeeeely old.... dirtyfor, sez da Pooka. We gonna go pounce her later. She's off huntin in da sitty tooday.

Pooka's makin a cake an den she's gonna go to Abby's house to take pickshures of our new bubbies n sissies. Den Mommy kin figger out if she kin bring any more home wif us. We tole Pooka to tell da babbies ta make deyre cutest "save me" faces.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Mommy founded a new blog dat might be innersting fur some kitties n dere hoomans. It's called "Unleashed" and da linkie is in da sidebar as well.

It's ritten fer Chicatgo area beenz (Mommy sez da blogger is a ree-porter for da Chicatgo Treee-boon) but mebbe dere be sum good stuff fur efurrybody.

We's gonna put dis on da Tuxedo Gang Hideout too. An mebbe Blogger will play nice an let us use a title dere cause it not been nice now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ddis culd be innersting.....

Our meowmy jest hadded more kitties. Pooka sez lass nite. Itsybitsy tuxies n a callie n two dat are wite n creem so far.

Hoomanmommy's tinkin bout bringin sum home wen dey weened. An da Sextet's mommy is en-... en-... tellin her ta do it!!!

Do we like dis idea? We like da smell on Pooka's clothes, but do we want little bruddas? (dey reely are bruddas if we all haf da same meowmy, right?)

We tryin tell Pooka to take her flashybox to Meowmy's house so we kin see em. We'll see if she heers us.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Terrible Tuxie Toosday

We's big cat hunters!!

Late lass nite (or reely erly dis mornin, pendin on how yoo count it), a big black cat came wandrin in our yard. Skeered away our fevvers we wuz watchin. An he came right up to da door!!

Mommy wuz bizzy on da pooperbox, so she dint know wot waz goin on. She gotted outta her chair to close da glas part of da door cause she herd howlin. "I hope dats a woofie in sumbunny's yard", she sed. Cept da glas was alredy closed!

So dere we wuz, bof sittin rite at da door, all tense. An Mungo wuz howlin. Like a woofie! Not loud, but enuf dat Mommy herd it.

Den she lookeded out da glas an saw da strange kitty. He putted his paws on da glas an I chittered at him. Mungo wuz still howlin. Mommy wanted to go shoo him way but she was fraid we'd try to get out if she openeded da door to push him way wif da broom.

She scoopeded us bof up and took us to her sleepyroom an gave us cuddles on da bed to help us settle down. But den da kitties next door started cryin at da strange kitty an we ran way from Mommy to go help.

Mommy dint get much sleep lass nite. She cranky today, but she sez we wuz good kitties fer pertecting da house.

Mebbe when da strange kitty comes back agin, she'll member da flashy box so yous can heer us yell n howl.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Derby: we's in suburban Chicago. Momma sez dat Road America wuz about a too hour drive frum her mommy's house just a few townz away.

Monty: Our noo crunchies are Meow Mix Crustacean Delight. (boy dats hard ta type...) ennyway, it's FISHY! An we likes it!

Efurrybean slepted lots today. Efun us. An Momma turneded on da noisy wall box dat blows cold air. She sez it's too hyoomid fur beenz or kitties.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay Mommy!

We gots goodies!

We gots toooooooona, speshul flaky dry tooooooona dat I lurve. An we gots toys an NIP! An toys wif nip inside, efun! An we gots crunchy treats. Mommy sez dose are fur Teazer cause he doan like flaky toooooooona.

Oh, an she gots us more food too. Crunchy an stinky bof.

We happy kitties today!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things we like to do, speshully when da beenz is gone or sleepin...

1. Climb up into Pooka's bed (she's got da top bunkie).
2. Look outta da winnow from Pooka's bed. Mungo likes ta squeeze herself between da bars of da bed, I just hang ofur da top.
3. Watch fer fevvers n kaydas out da back door.
4. Eat.
5. Sleep. Duh.
6. Make biscuits wif Pooka's sweater n pillow n Mommy's blankie (if she leaves da door open...)
7. Try ta find a way into Mommy's sleepyroom if she closes da door (like she does most days)
8. Try ta find a way OUTTA Mommy's sleepyroom if she axidently closes Mungo in dere! (Ya know, she's really gotta stop hidin under da bed when Mommy gets dressed...)
9. Eat.
10. Sleep. Duh.
11. Play on Mommy's desk. She's been gettin smart n turnin off da puter.
12. Try ta play wif Mommy's stringy thingy projects.
13. Play rampaging heffalumps.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy is furry sad...

Mr. Wizard passed away today at the age of 89 from cancer. Mommy loved watching his teevee show as a kidbean. She's in da foodroom makin sumpin called a volcano in his memry...

Beenz is weerd. But we hope Mr. Wizard had a kitty to help him feel okay before he went to da HoomanBridge.

Tuxie Toosday

Here I is on Momma's pooperbox bloggin fer ya's. Yes da pickshure is blurry, Mungo doan no how to read da display on da flashybox to wait for da "anti-shake" to turn on.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Munchies Monday

Momma filleded our food bowl lass night befurr she went to bed (an she went early, too... wazzup wif dat?), and when she gotted up dis mornin it was all empty agin. So she gaved us anudder scoop of crunchy befurr she gotted in da wet place, an our bowl was almoss empty agin when she leff fur her workie place.

Yeah, we's got da munchies. An dere's still some nip in da carpet. {insert sooperbig kittygrins}

An we member now why we wuz sposta be mad. Momma HERDED us!!! Dey wuz all cleenin an makin da purple sucky monster run roun da room, and den she spread out da yellow stinky stuff on da carpet an skeered us way when we sniffed at it. An den da sucky monster came out agin an made da yellow stinky stuff go way. An den? SHE LOCKED US IN DA BEDROOM!!! At lees she gave us our food n water n potty, an she openeded da winnows. But how could she?!

An den??? Lotsa udder beenz showeded up. Da Grammabean an da Daddobean an da sissy an bruddabeenz an some ofur girlbean. An dey sat outside in da yard where we could see em an ate MEAT. An ooh it smelled so good, but nobody would share.

Da Daddobean set up sumpin dey called a "tent" an dey all sat unnerneef it in da shade, an dey ate an drank an laffed. Pooka an da bruddabean wuz playin wif our kaydas an makin da udder girlbeen all ooogy.

Momma fineally let us outta da bedroom when bruddabean an da girlbean leff. Grammabean, Daddobean and Mini leff a little later. Sissybean didn't go way till late. By den Momma gave us nip n stinky goodness n we wuz happy agin.

Ooh, Pooka's awake at last. Mebbe we kin get more crunchies frum her!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Momma gived us nip.... we wuz gonna complain bout sumpin but we fergotted whut it wuz. Cuz we gotted nip. N kaydas. N stinky goodness.

Mebbe we go put biteys on her toeses while she sleeps. She woan no we fergotted to be mad. Right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Dis is dry flaky tooooooooona:

Clicky here!

Nummy nummy nummy stuffies. Teazer just sniffs n walks away. I gobble up all I can before Momma takes da bowl 'way. I've efun gotten it off her desk before, but I can't get it open yet.

And I know dis thing by sight. Just like we know da redlight thingy is coming out when we hear the jingle.

Dreaming of dry flaky tooooooooona,
pee ess... we keep goin to TGH by misstake when we wanna rite here.... we delete em and move em when we figger it out, but mebbe sometimes somebuddy might see our posts in da wrong place...


Momma's helpin da Feline Sextet prettify up deyre bloggie. Da Feline Momma figgereded out da pickshure albums on her own, but Momma's teechin her bout da sidebar thingy.

Momma's not feelin too good, needer. She tookeded sumpin called benadrill lassnight for her sneezies an she still all brainfuzzy an tired. When she tookeded da benadrill stuff on da weekend, she sleepeded almost ALL DAY LONG! Beenz aint sposta sleep like kittehs.

Oh, and Momma's jelus. Her friendbean is goin to someplace called da Carry-been fur wurk. Fur monfs and monfs. She's happy fur him, but she's sad too cause she finks she won't get to talk to him no more. He helps build houses an offices an hoppitalls.

Momma gaved us stinky agin lass night. Nobody's been horkie fur a while so she letted us have good food agin. She also gotted us some of da hairball stuffies youse kittehs told us bout, so mebbe dat help. Oh, and I gots TOONA! Spechul dried flaky toona. Teazer doan like it, so it's all fur ME!! Now I gotta figger out howta open da bowl when she gone.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dis not kewl......

Well, lotsa stuffs not kewl, ackshully.

First, all da beans went way again, buncha times all weekend! First Pooka left wif dat boy. Den Momma an Mini left. Den Momma came home wifout Mini. Den Pooka came home an dat boy left.

Den on Caturday Momma an Pooka left and didn't come back till way after dark. At least dey left us lotsa crunchies and some stinkies. Momma got mad when she saw someone did horkies, an she's sayin she's gonna take away our stinkies to see if dat's why *someone* keeps doin it.

Den Sunday Momma an Pooka left agin, but dis time dey came back wif Mini. An den Momma an Mini left an Pooka stayeded home. But she didn't wanna play, she sez she hurted too much. But she didn't hurted too much to mess 'round wif Momma's pooperbox... Den Momma an Mini came back in da movin box but didn't come in da house, an Pooka left wif em again! Dey weren't gone so long dis time tho.

Monday dey all went 'way, an dey came back smellin like anudder kitty. An she made da bright hot thing in da yard and put meat in it.

Today *someone* tried to horky agin, dis time under Mini's sleepyplace. Momma caughted him in time and tossed him in da wet place. Course den he didn't do it. Why's he keep makin horky? He's gonna make me not never get no stinkies agin!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wait... what???

Samantha Flores posted a Tursday Thirteen on da Tuxie Hideout and now I'se confoozled....

Am I a Moocat or a Jellicle Cat?????

I'se more white den Mungo. Momma sez our markings are furry similar but my whitespots are just bigger den hers.

Da hoomans dat live wif our mommacat called me MooMoo when I was a furry little baby before we came to live wif Momma.

Momma!!!! Come home n answer me!!!!!!!!!!

Your confoozled Teazer

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We's been tagged! Daisy da Curly Cat askeded us to play long...

Time of Day:
Rampaging Elllafunt time.

Day of the week:
Ummmmmmm Sunday. Da Hoomans usually stay home on Sunday.

Season of the year:
Springtime Fevvers!! An Buggies!

Krissymass. We likes da tree and da boxes.

What's a beach?

So Long and Thanks for All Da Fish


Talk show:
We doan no. Momma doan watch dose.


Momma doan watch does eedur.

Milk! We doan get it often tho, an when we do, it's just tiny bits.


Whisker Lickins

Stinky Goodness!!! Specially BEEF


So now we's gotsta tag kitties? Ummmmm..... Da Feline Sextet, an Darling Millie, an Oreo (who is NOT a cookie!) an Merlin n Dobby an.... um..... YOU!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stack-em Saturday

It's rare to find bof of us in da kitty condo at da same time. Mostly it's cause Momma lures us wif treets.... An den she takes us places... like da stabby place.

So when it does happen, we're always watchin fur da gates. You kin see dey aren't attached at all here. We noo we wuz safe dis time, Momma can't put em on fast enuf to catch us if dey aren't already partly on when she gets us in.

Teazer does like to lay in da bottom one all da time, it's like a secret little hidey hole. I like my soft bunkiebeds better.


Speshul message fur Darling Millie

Millie, we cant's leave bloggiments on yur noo post bout da Gizzy Quilts. We bets Blogger ated sumfing.

Ennyway, we still fink dat your Mommy is plannin sumfin exter speshul fur you n Jazmine. And date efurry-color quilt is speshul... it's got pieces of efurrykitty's quilts in it!

Wif lots of luv,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

...About Last Night

So da Momma was been soooo weerd yesserday. She lefted like normal, but den she came back early. Lotsa times. Furst she gotted some book and a drinky. Den she came back agin fur sumting in plastic baggies. Den she was gone fur a long while.

We founded da nip while efurrybody was gone. It was on da scratchy board! Mungo started sniffin n rollin furst, and den she got it all ofurr da rug. I doan like da scratchy board, so once it was on da rug, den I got to play. When Momma come home early da third time, we wuz bof rollin and clawin and tryin to pull up da rug fur more.

Den while we wuz still nippy, Momma made da redlight come out to play. And we chased so hard dat we wuz wheezin an pantin. We likes to play dat hard! So acourse we hadta bof take sprawly naps on da floor.

Normally Mungo nappies on her bunkiebeds all curleded up. I like da bouncy black chair or da end of Momma's bed where she puts her wet towel. Da wet towel feels nice on my fur, an sometimes I efun try to crawl underneath... but only when I think nobeenz are lookin. Momma's caught me a couple times and called me a sillykitty. But I nefurr curl up in a ball... I always lay sprawled out, most of da time twisted round like a pretzel stick. Momma sez I look silly wif my head pointed one way an my back paws pointed da udder. But hey, I gotta be you-neek.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Why is beenz so weerd?

Momma went out walkies late tonight. After da kids wuz in bed, efun. An she camed back wif green stuffs! Lie-lacks n sumpin she calls hummysucker. And she put da lie-lacks an hummysucker in a funny cup wif water in it, an now da funny cup is on a high cabinet we can't climb.

Why'd she bring home nummies if we can't have none? And why'd she go walkies after dark? Don't she know she belongs on da puter or in da sleepy room?

Oh, and no sick-ay-duh's yet. We finks dey all dieded from sleepin fer 17 yeers. But we get to chase da red dot lots.

Purrrrrrrrrs n headbutts,

Friday, May 11, 2007

More about buggies n spots

I wuz not skeered of da red dot thingy. I wuz lettin Mungo be an idjit wif it while I plotted out my attack. We figgereded out dat da redlight comes from a jingly thingy Momma keeps on her desk. We keep tryin to get da jingly thingy when she's seepin or huntin, but we can't make da light play. We need thumbs!!

As fer da speshul buggies, Momma sez dey been seepin in da dirt fur 17 yeers. Dats a lots n lots of nappies! I wonder what dey eat in da dirt in all dat time. When dey come out, dey eat efurryting green dey can get, an den dey grow hard shells an dey do stuff to make noo buggies, and den dey die. And da noo buggies dig into da dirt an seep fur 17 yeers. Momma sez dey called "sick-ay-duhs" an dat dey kinda like "low-cuts" but not xacly.

Oh, an sumpin else. Momma broughted home flowers yessserday. Purty purple ones on long sticks wif leaves. She calls em lie-lacks. An she won't let us eat em! Da Elphie Lady sez mebbe dey not safe fur kitties... Does ennybuddy no?


Saturday, May 5, 2007

What da heck?

Dere's a red thing on da floor. An it moves. An it's fast. I keep tryin to catch it but it gets away from me efurry time I get close.

Mini just sits n watches me n giggles. She doan help none. And Momma's watchin through da silver box dat makes da moovies.

I think Teazer's skeered of da red thing. It got close to him once n he scooted away. But Momma sez da lady lions do all da hunting, so mebbe it's just my job to catch da buggies an da fevvers an da red things.

Oooh , speakin of buggies, Momma sez I'm gonna have fun dis summer wif big ugly buggies dat only show up efurry sebenteen years. Dats longer n da Pooka is old. I wonder how big buggies get if dey sleep dat long.

Luv from Mungo

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Keep Our Pets Safe

Too many kitties n woofies are sick n dyin. Clicky da ribbon to read about da cybermarch today!

An holey moley, now hooomans may be gettin sick! (story in da Chick-ah-go Tree-boon, iffin it makes you log in, you kin get a password at

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rest easy dear friend Gizzy

thank you Skeezix for the image...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Momma and da little ones are almost back to normal. Well, normal for beenz, dat is. No more weirdness wi sumbody bein home when dey should be away. Mini and Momma went 'way on fryday, but at least Momma leff da door to da sleepyroom open so's we could lay on her bed.

Mommas tryin to get mooovies offa da shiny box an onto da pooperbox. Mebbe we kin share some later!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh come ON already...

The agony! The horror! The sheer indignity of it all!!

Momma HERDED us!!!

We's not shure what she was doon home ennyway. I tinks its a wurkin day but mebbe I'm wrong. Ennyway, she sat around fer a while wit da pooperbox an den she leff an den she came back but she leff da red moovinbox in frunt of da winnow. An den she lockeded us in da little peepuls sleepin room. We herd her bangin round an den she opened up da sleepin room door an she left.

An DEN when she cameded home wif da Mini, she started makin biiiiiiiiiiiiiig messes. She mooved round all kinds o stuff in da pooperbox room, even our kitty condo an our toys, and den she openeded some boxes but wouldn't let us play wif em.

Den she maded sumpin outta da stuff inside da boxes in da place where all da stuff she moved was at beefore she moved it. It was need fur a while when we culd climb in, dere are a couple cubbies dat are big fur kitties but dey're new so we hadta check it out ennyway. Now dere's fronts on da cubbies so we can't get in no more.

And den she made more mess by puttin stuff back kinda where it was but not quite.

Why are beenz so weerd?

Oh, but she did bring home a crack flutterbye for us! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm kittycrack. We haded fun wif dat, but Mungo got so stoneded dat she fell outta da bed!

Now Momma's grumblin cause she can't find sumpin called a you bee ess cord. Or was it bee you ess? I dunno. Ennyway, it's sumpin fer da flashybox an she can't find it. I bet it's in the pile of all dat stuff she moved. Silly been.

Now, as long as she doesn't let the purple sucky monster come out to play...


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aper foos?

What's aper foos? Da Mini keeps runnin round yellin dat an gigglin. An some freaky talky yellow tingy on da pickshure box was sayin it earlier.

Stuffies almost back to normal here. Da little beans haff been stayin home in da mornins but dat's all. And Momma made em bof go bed early tonight, sumpin bout skool.

Momma's a little cranky tonight. Dunno why. She an Mini went 'way for a while an lef Pooka behind. When dey came home, she was cranky. Beans are weeird.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Momma opened da winnows! An da doors too! An she put treats out fur da tweeters, but dey hidin so far. We likes da breezes.

Pooka an da Mini haff figgered out dat we like da brushies. Specially da pink one wif da prickly tings. We's been makin em brush us n get all our loose hairs out. Pooka sez she can almost make a wig fer one o dem nekkid kitties, da shy-knees ones. Why would kitties be shy bout knees?

Da guy who lives in da next parment brought Momma a big paper bag fulla bread. Not da green papers but da eatin kind. And Momma made breadcrumbs n garlic bread n sumpin she calls crootans. And her momma was sposta come by an take summa da bread but she din't show. Momma's pretty proud of herself fer doin dis, she was sad dat da guy gaved her nine loafs and most of it would go bad.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Momma's doing stringy thingy and won't share wif me agin.

An she's watchin sumpin weerd on da teevee. Buncha guys - leest I *tink* dey're guys - in funny makeup n shiny suits n flashy lights. One kinda looks like a kitty cat, anudder's gotta star on his face. And one's got WINGS! She's upset cause of sumpin called a simpunny n dat she caint heer em. Keeps mutterin bout sumbunny she calls selloutica bein better wif da simpunny.

Beans are sooooooooooo weerd.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


So Momma was gone all weekend. Pooka was here with da gramma person for a while and dey cleaneded da food room. Dey even moveded furniture, but dey moved it all back. Dat was silly of dem.

But now we know dey done goin way fur a while.... put da "sootkase" away. Goody!

It's gettin warm and Momma keeps openin windows fur us. We like to sit on the ledge n smell the air outside. We doan wanna go out, we just like to smell. But we doan like it when it's wet out dere, like right now.

Momma made more moovies of us, we're tryin ta get her ta put em on da pooperbox.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Oh, beeefore we furrget, Momma moved efurrything round in her sleepy room. We likes it better now cause we can get to her window, but it was kinda skeery while she was wurkin. Specially when purple sucky monster came out to eat. I hadta hiss at purple sucky monster a couple times to tell it to go way.

After dat, it's been a nice quiet couple days. But now Momma's puttin clothes in dat black wheely thingy agin. We just got Pooka to empty it out!!

I heard Momma tellin somebunny to pick up Mini fur her. Where's she gonna be? And what about Pooka? And are we still gonna get our stinkies n our treats?

Sumbunny tell da hoomans to stay home!!!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

It tooked her long enough

But we fine-ally got to get on da pooperbox so we's could post.

Pooka girl came home late Sunday night. Why do they call it Sunday when there wasn't any sun? Strange beans. Anyway, she smelleded really weird so we had to do lots of rubbin n markin her up agin. I got my spechul sweater back, tho. Silly girl tooked it wif her.

Pooka n Mini n da weird guy stayed home Monday. Sumpin bout no skool cause of Pool Asking Day. Den weird guy leff with Mini and Pooka stayed home. She was sleepin most of the time weird guy was here, efun wif Teazer puttin bitey on her feets.

Nuttin else intersting till now. Momma sed sumpin bout takin Mini to her work n Pooka is at a contest. And she leff da pooperbox runnin!

Are tings fine-ally back to normal?


Friday, March 2, 2007

We's got a new sisfur!!

And we's gots a pickshure already over dere ~~>

Hers name is Bombalurina. She's purty quiet though. Mebbe we kin get her to talk later.

We's not shure how she gotted oringe fur, though, if she's our sisfur. Cause we's black n whyte. No oringe nowhere on us!

Mungo n Teazer

Oh come on already

Now da weeerd guy dudn't show. Da Mini is in her fishie jammas watchin teeve, and da Momma's in bed. Dey boff sposta be gone. And just WHERE is our Pooka?

Come to think of it, where's my spechul Pooka sweater?



Da weeerd hooman guy showeded up. Den da Pooka gotted outta bed. It's still darkdars, so what she doon? Den Momma and da Pooka leff. Den Momma came back wifout da Pooka. Den da weeeerd guy leff. Now Momma's in bed where she beeelongs.

Now we can play!!


Thursday, March 1, 2007

These beans are weird

She go seepy too early. She go seepy late. Now she tell da witchy woman she not go seepy a tall!

I dunno wot's goin on. Sumpin bout da Pooka-gurrl goin way. So Momma is playin wif stringy thingy an ignorin Teazer tellin her is beddytime.

Humph. Now Teazer's off huntin stuff.

Oh, we got noo crunchies dis mornin. And Teazer's a hog. I din't get nun till Momma leff fer werk.

Time for tackles!

Monday, February 26, 2007


We's seepin! Leaff us lone witchy woman! Hokay? Hokay!

(edit: hmmmmmmmm yuutuube is seepin too!!)

Friday, February 23, 2007


Where is my toy??? I put my orange ringy thingy right.... waitaminnit.... da shoo is gone too! Dis is NOT FE-AIR!!!

I hided my ringy thingy in Momma's shoo unner her desk so's Teazer wouldn't find it an play wif it. An now Momma's shoo is gone... and I can't find my ringy thingy.

Would she really have left my ringy in her shoo if she was warin em?


Thursday, February 22, 2007

We figgereded it out!

Is a noo kinda shiny flashy thingy! Dis one makes moooooooooovies! Teazer was on da pickshure box playin wif Momma's foot.

Now if we kin figger out howta get da mooooooooovies offa da shiny box n onto da pooper, we kin share em wif yoo!

Preparing for my grande debut...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What she dooo now?

Momma broughted home sumfin shiny n beepy. N she keeps followin us wif it. We dunno what she doon yet.

She should give us stinkies n den go play wif her stringies.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh we didn't tell youse!

Momma came home late agin on Fryday. Da sisser purrson showeded up wif da Mini purrson n playeded wif me. Teazer stayed near da seepy rooms so he could scape to da dark spots.

Momma finally showeded up wif her momma and daddy, n da Mini din't want da Momma's momma to go way. More purrsons dat look like our momma but doan smell like her. We's confoozled. How many not-Momma's are dere?

Anyway, efurrbody leff fur a while n came back smellin like meat. Well, da Momma-momma n daddy din't come back, but da sisser n our purrsons did. N dey din't share none!

So den yesserday dey all wented out agin, an da Mini din't come back wif em. Just Momma n Pooka. Dats when Mungo got horky in da pickshure box room. N den dey leff agin too. Dey came back reeely late wif bags n a box of CHEESE! But dey won't share! Agin!

Now Momma's moofin stuff round da pickshure box room n skeerin us. Long as she dont make the purple sucky monster chase us, we won't hafta do biteys on toeses.

We likes grass

But I guess it doesn't like Mungo back...

Mommy brought us home a thingy of spechul kittygrass. I let crazycat Mungo attack it first an make shure it was safe. Den we both chewed on it. Yummy stuff.

But den Mungo horked it up!

Mommy wasn't happy an grabbed Mungo off da floor while she was horking, trew her in da food room n toal her no horkin on da carpet. And den she tooked away da grass n put it up high!

Guess I'm glad I let silly sisser try it first if it was gonna make her sick.

Purrs n scritchies,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No fe-AIR!!!

Hoomanmommy broughted home greenstuff and she won't let us chew em!

She calls em "rowzes" and toal her mommy dat she deserves em jest fur her. She sed dat dey're her pretties n we cant have none. But dey smell so nummy n we just wants a bit!

Hey, what's dis? She's takin da rowzes into da sleepy place? And CLOSIN DA DOOR so we can't get in???? Dis is REALLY NO FEAIR!!!

Oh, da whitestuff finally stopped fallin from da sky, but its still all ofur da ground n da bushies. Da landlord guy came by agin wif his funny sucky monster n skeered us agin, but not so much dis time cause he's been here so much. Mebbe now da whitestuff stopped, so kin he.

What's goin on???

Efurryting outside our sunny spots - which haffn't been furry sunny lately - changed colors! It's all WHITE n weird. Kinda like sumbeen lay down a big fluffly blankie. It cofurred the bushies n da walkie places n da street n efurryting!

Momma gotted home yesserday and had whitestuff stuck to her shoos n pants. And boy was it cold! N Wet!

And den dat been Momma calls "da landlord" came by wiff some strange noisy sucky monster that made da whitestuff fly all ofur. Dat was skeery! Efun more skeery den da purple sucky monster Momma uses in da room wif da pickshure boxes n da hooman sleepy rooms!

So den dis mornin efurryting is all white agin, efun all da places da landlord guy cleaned with da sucky monster. Why'd he go skeerin us fur if he wasn't gonna be all done? Silly beenz.

Monday, February 12, 2007


We haff friends!! Furry friends!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Da Hoomanmomma's train (whazzat??) had a nacksydent, so Momma came home late. Her sissy showed up with the Mini and a bag fulla yummy smellin stuff, but dey wouldn't share da yummies. Sumpin called curry.

Den Momma and da sissy did stringy thingys. Momma's sissy does diffurnt stringys den Momma, sumpin wif two big sticks n thick stringy, where Momma uses one really little stick n lots of diffurnt stringys n a piece of fabby.

We din't useta like da sissy. She looks kinda like Momma but she shore don't smell like Momma! But she learnded how to give good scritchies an she ushully has stringys, so we's tryin to get useta her.

Now da Mini is seepin and da Pooka is in da wet spot n da sissy went bye-bye. Momma's still doin her stringys n watchin sumpin on da pickshur box.

She's so silly!

Mungo is being a furry silly kitty. She's sittin under a chair in da food room staring at the big box next to our pottybox. An she won't move.

Hoomanmomma got down on da floor with a flashy thingy and looked, but she didn't see nuttin. Well, toys we hidded and dusty stuff. But nuttin innertesting.

So I gotses down too, and I don't see nuttin.

Sisters are silly. I wunnder if she's effur gonna move.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Momma speaks

Silly catz...

Okay, so Teazer has a mild heart murmur. Apparently not uncommon in Maine Coons, and definitely supports our theory that their father was at least part Coon. The murmur is more noticeable when he's stressed or working out, which obviously he is at the vet's.

So the vet suggested that we try out Royal Canin's Maine Coon formula. Larger chunks of kibble to help exercise their larger and stronger jaw muscles, extra glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health - hip dysplasia is another common ailment in Coons - taurine for heart health, Omega fatty acids for skin and hair, and very low carb. Because the vet says that cats, and especially Coons, are "opportunistic carnivores". They get more energy from protein than they do from grains.

Which is why she also wants us to give more canned food. She said that there's no reason to go for fancy stuff, that Friskies would be just fine, just so long as it's meat. Interestingly, the cans say that a cat should be getting an ounce of wet food per pound of body weight. So Mungo should be getting 9 ounces of wet - or almost two full cans - a day? I'm going to hope that this is assuming that they're not getting any other food, cause right now they aren't even able to finish a half-can at a sitting.

The good news is that the cats definitely like the new food. We've got about a half bag of Purina to finish off, but in order to save myself from a mid-wweek run, I picked up a bag of the new stuff today (at three times the price...gasp). I was transferring it from the bag to an empty resealable tub, and after I looked away for a minute, discovered both cats with their noses in the tub eating! They were never THAT excited over Purina before!

So the plan for now is to give them half a cup of crunchy in the morning when I get up from bed and put it away out of reach before I leave for work in the morning. That gives them about an hour for breakfast. When I come home, they each get a half-can of Friskies canned, and then for about an hour before I go to bed, they get another half cup of crunchy. If, over the span of a week, they're routinely emptying their bowl of crunchy, then I can up it by a quarter cup each feeding. We're not going to adjust the wet stuff yet. Up till now, they were getting a full cup of crunchy in the morning and topped off when I got home, plus half a small can of Fancy Feast (because freebies were coming with the Purina and then lots of coupons) twice a week.

So yes it's going to cost more money this way, but I think of it along the lines of me taking preventive medicine for my allergies. If you know there's an issue, why wouldn't you do what you need to do to prevent it from flaring up.

The Momma

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Izzabout time!!!

Da Hoomanmomma finally finally gots us our own bloggie. Took her long 'nuff, dontcha tink?

Acourse, she did it on a day when we's mad!

First she tricked us into going into our condo rooms and closed metal thingies behind us. Then she took us out in da cold cold white stuff outside. And then she put da little hoomans and us in another box that moved. We started yelling at her then, but she wouldn't stop.

So then efurryone gets out of da moving box - the Pooka-hooman calls it a "carr", we found dat out later. We all went into a place with a WOOFIE. Big noisy woofie that was sniffin our hoomans n making noises n bein drooly. Yuck. Teazer really didn't like dat cause Hoomanmomma was sittin close to da woofie, even though we were still in our condo rooms.

Then we went into a white room with a table and cabinets, and we finally got out of our condo rooms. We HAD to explore, right? I found I could jump up onto da metal table... cold table! and Teazer just had to upstage me and jump onto da cabinets. Well lah ti dah.

But then? Worst of all?!! Da lady in da white coat showed up! She put me on another cold metal thingy and told Hoomanmomma I weigh almost ten pounds. Then she shined a lighty thingy in my face and hugged me funny and put something on my tummy and then she pokeded me in da butt! TWICE! But I sucked it up like a big brave kitty and didn't cry. Then da lady in da white coat grabbed Teazer and did da same thing to him, except he's a chunkey monkey and weighs eleven pounds.

White Coat Lady sed sumpin bout Teazer's hart murmuring. Well, duh, he whispers at me all da time! White Coat Lady wants Hoomanmomma to buy us a different kind of crunchy food to see if it makes Teazer's hart not so whispery, she sez it's made spechul for mane coons (whatever THOSE are) and that mane coons have a... umm... sumpin bout deyr harts. Does dat mean Teazer's a mane coon? I thought we were CATS!

White Coat Lady also told Hoomanmomma to give us more stinkies! Yay! She said that we should only get crunchies for a little bit of time in da mornin and at night, and dat we should get stinkies efurry night! Maybe White Coat Lady isn't so mean after all...

So den dey shoved us into our condo rooms - after what happened before, we did NOT wanna go in dere agin! and took us back to da "carr". Dis time, Hoomanmomma brought us home where we's safe. And den dey went back out and got us TOYS! Fluffies n jingles n fevvers!

Now dey gone agin, sumpin bout babysittin. Why do beans sit on babies?? Teazer's still off sulking, I bet his butt hurts. I get da fevvers!!