Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Da Momma is weeeeeeerd

She din't go 'way like she usually doze after putting da Mini girl on da big yellow box. Insted she putted a bunch a bags an Firecat's perch on da grass outside an den started messin wif Pooka's puterbox.

Den some guy camed while Momma was on da fone and he tooked all da bags but leff da perch. An den some ofur guy camed and tooked da perch. An Momma wuz happy.

Den she kep runnin back n forf between her puterbox and Pooka's puterbox.

Whut Momma? Dat wuznt a perch? Well wot wuz it? A pickshurebox???? Srsly?!?!?

See, beenz is weeeeeeeeerd. Why dey give us a picksurebox to use as a kittehperch?