Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake your booty!

Momma thought we wuz just nuts. We wuz all bein crazeee last nite. Efun Teazer, who deecided to be a lappycat while Momma watched some show bout a guy in red n blue jammas an a cape.

An den? Da whole world shookeded!!!!

Well, okay, so it didn't last long n nuffin fell or got brokeded. Momma was in bed an had Firecat lockeded up wif her, so I dunno iffin she wokeded up from it.

Dere been a couple more shakies since dey all left fur da day. Wonder wot gives.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Mourning Monday

Her Furry Majesty, Lady S of Melboring, Queen of the Feline Sextet, has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

We is furry furry sad cause da Sextet wuz our firstest furrriends, efun befur da bebehs showeded up an dey became da Sextet. Our mommas haf been online furriends almost furrrever.

An we gonna poop on da Grammy's pillow fur not tellin the Sextet's Meowmy sooner. We must go tellyport now. Fink da Grammy and da Stinky Guy will notice a little white kitty?