Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happi Noo Yeer!

We finks efurryone here is happi dat 2009 is ofur. Momma's reely hopin dat da noo yeer will bring good stuff, like a job.

We hadded a purty good Chrissymouse. Momma made ham fur all da weeeurd peeple an there was lots of laffin an laffin. We mostly stayed hid.

Momma sez today is a day fur cleenin. Wait.... fur... cleenin? RUN!!!!!!!! It's BAF DAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sorry gang

Da spammers are gettin reely nokshus - tree more lass nite!!! - so Momma turneded on da moddyrashun fing. We doan like it needer, but we's gotsta do sumpin. So now ya gotta fill in da silly pickshure fingy n comments will show when da momma approves em.

Hope efurrywun got speshul noms yesserday n all da hoomins are safe shoppin today.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Fangsgiving!

Da momma better bring us some turkeee. Da hoomins are eatin sumwhere else today. I fink weeerd gurl's partmint. Momma wuld purrrfur to stay home but stuff happens.

And oh cheese. Da spammers wuz bak. De prolly fink dis is a grate place to play now since we wuz gone so long.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sorry guys. Momma *still* not wurkin an she been all kindsa depressed n frusterated n not postin nowheres.

We hadda daleeet an repost our last entry cuz da spammers tookededed ofur in da comments. Almost a hunnerd yuckyposts fulla linkies to weeerd places. It ment we hadda daleeet da one reeel comment from Chey to do it, tho.

Yesserday wuz our gotchaversary. Momma furgotted. We'd poop on her pillow but she stressed enuf.

We gonna try ta get her ta posty more. We misses youze!

Teazer n Mungo (n we spose we kin say hi from Firecat too)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lotsa nuttin goin on.

Momma's not wurkin. She got let go in Ocktober an hasn't founded a new jobbie yet. So she's been home wif us purty much efurry day. She tryin, but guess nobeans wanna pay her enuf.

Pooka's in da moosicle at skool. Sumpin wif a cappan an lotsa kiddies an singin. She's one a da kiddies. A boy kiddie. Sumpin rong wif dat.

Nuttin noo wif Mini.

Oh jah, we gotted invaded by da whole fambly agin. Da Cool Guy an da Cool Gal, n da Gramma n Daddo, n da Weird Girl n some udder REEEELY weerd guy. An dere was turr-kee n ham n taters n corns n dey dint share none. An presents! An alla da furrnichure was in da sleepyrooms wif us. An dey were noisy an silly an stayed up way too late.

So jah, we'z still here, we'z still reedin. We'z jest not talkin.