Saturday, April 28, 2007

Keep Our Pets Safe

Too many kitties n woofies are sick n dyin. Clicky da ribbon to read about da cybermarch today!

An holey moley, now hooomans may be gettin sick! (story in da Chick-ah-go Tree-boon, iffin it makes you log in, you kin get a password at

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rest easy dear friend Gizzy

thank you Skeezix for the image...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Momma and da little ones are almost back to normal. Well, normal for beenz, dat is. No more weirdness wi sumbody bein home when dey should be away. Mini and Momma went 'way on fryday, but at least Momma leff da door to da sleepyroom open so's we could lay on her bed.

Mommas tryin to get mooovies offa da shiny box an onto da pooperbox. Mebbe we kin share some later!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh come ON already...

The agony! The horror! The sheer indignity of it all!!

Momma HERDED us!!!

We's not shure what she was doon home ennyway. I tinks its a wurkin day but mebbe I'm wrong. Ennyway, she sat around fer a while wit da pooperbox an den she leff an den she came back but she leff da red moovinbox in frunt of da winnow. An den she lockeded us in da little peepuls sleepin room. We herd her bangin round an den she opened up da sleepin room door an she left.

An DEN when she cameded home wif da Mini, she started makin biiiiiiiiiiiiiig messes. She mooved round all kinds o stuff in da pooperbox room, even our kitty condo an our toys, and den she openeded some boxes but wouldn't let us play wif em.

Den she maded sumpin outta da stuff inside da boxes in da place where all da stuff she moved was at beefore she moved it. It was need fur a while when we culd climb in, dere are a couple cubbies dat are big fur kitties but dey're new so we hadta check it out ennyway. Now dere's fronts on da cubbies so we can't get in no more.

And den she made more mess by puttin stuff back kinda where it was but not quite.

Why are beenz so weerd?

Oh, but she did bring home a crack flutterbye for us! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm kittycrack. We haded fun wif dat, but Mungo got so stoneded dat she fell outta da bed!

Now Momma's grumblin cause she can't find sumpin called a you bee ess cord. Or was it bee you ess? I dunno. Ennyway, it's sumpin fer da flashybox an she can't find it. I bet it's in the pile of all dat stuff she moved. Silly been.

Now, as long as she doesn't let the purple sucky monster come out to play...


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aper foos?

What's aper foos? Da Mini keeps runnin round yellin dat an gigglin. An some freaky talky yellow tingy on da pickshure box was sayin it earlier.

Stuffies almost back to normal here. Da little beans haff been stayin home in da mornins but dat's all. And Momma made em bof go bed early tonight, sumpin bout skool.

Momma's a little cranky tonight. Dunno why. She an Mini went 'way for a while an lef Pooka behind. When dey came home, she was cranky. Beans are weeird.