Friday, January 18, 2008

HippoBirfday Mini!!!

Issa Mini's birfday today. Momma sez dey gonna go sumwhere nice fur dinner and den to da toy store. An Pooka wantsta make a cake.

None of us got speshul dinners or cakes fur our birfdays??? Wot gives??? Must poop on a pillow now.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Sad kitties n momma

Momma just founded out dat da kitty pal of one of her furrrends passed away dis mornin.

Misery was a senior kitty (at least 16 years old, mebbe more) an was havin sum health problems. An Jim, her hoomandaddy, thot that she'd leave him back in October. In fact, he efun made a pointment wif da stabbyplace to help her to da Bridge, but she snapped back in time.

Well, dis mornin he woked up to fine her not breefin or nuffin. He's furry furry sad, and we tryin ta figger out how ta tellyport ta his house to give him cuddles.