Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dese arnt da droyds yur lookin fur

(we doan no wot dat meens, doh....)

Momma gotted us a new climby scratchy tingy. But she's hidin da flashybox so we can't take pickshures of it yet.

Fire's still a noxious little git. Momma still locks him up in her sleepyroom when she goes away and when she sleeps. And he still poops in da baftub once in a wile, so Momma's been keepin da door to da wet room closed when she can. But mostly he uses his potty like a good boy.

We're gettin more wet food now dat he's round too. An we efun get it in da daytime! Once Momma puts Fire in da sleepyroom, den she feeds us stinky goodness. Almost efurry day!! Dat way we can eat wifout him tryin ta steel it. She tinks it's too soon fer him ta have stinky. We din't get none till we wuz 6 mumfs old, needer.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Desktops part deux

No we din't fergetted, honist!!! LOL

Dis is da home pooper. Momma sez she doan need kittehs on da pooper cause wez always unnerfootses. Or in Fire's case, nibblin footses....

Da pickshure is from sumpin called a webcomic dat momma liked. But da artist hasn't put up an update in a long long long time. Dis makes momma little sad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Desktop meme

Blogger's been a bad bean and wouldn't let me log in till now. At least Fire didn't try ta put da bitey on da pooter.

Ennyway... dis is Momma's workin pooter. She dint no dat Teazer played hitchhiker in her briefcase ta get da pickshure! :) But he fergotted his towel...

She doan like ta have lotsa stuffies on da desktop. Da icons dat are dere are tings she usees a lot for wurkin.

We gonna post dahome pickshure layter.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stuff on my cats

And no, not that kind. LOL

I caught Firecat using the bathtub as a toilet. I'd been seeing leavings on occasion but didn't know who it was till this past weekend. No sign that he's going anywhere else that he shouldn't be, or that any of the other cats are doing it. It's always in one particular spot in there. And his litterbox in my bedroom is always available to him, the only time that door is closed is if he's in there being kept separate. He's only 11 weeks old, so maybe that's got something to do with it, but it's still driving me a little bonkers. Ideas?

Teazer is slowly becoming more accepting of Firecat, but Mungo still wants nothing to do with him. So I'm keeping Fire in my bedroom when we're not home and when we're asleep. The biggies are getting wet food in the daytime instead of for dinner, this way I don't have to close Fire away to let them eat. Yep, Fire keeps trying to get at the big kids' food. I don't mind it so much with the kibble, but I found a horky mess in my room the last time he snuck wet food, so I'm keeping him away from it.

The babysitter is already having people come over to see the kittens there. They're only 5 or 6 weeks old! Brownie's doing a great job of being able to move around and is already trying to get at momma's food, the others are all still nursing at least for fun (when I picked the kids up last night, four of the five were attached to the momma while Brownie was off playing with the human kids). I've tried to convince the sitter that it's too soon, I don't know if she's listened and is just trying to line up homes early or if she's expecting kittens to leave now.

Love n headbumps to all,
The Momma