Friday, December 21, 2007

More bout yesserday

Fire: I... I.... I got WET!!!!!!!! *sniff*sniff* no FEAIR!!!!

Mungo: Oh don't let da little spaz fool ya. His pawzes got damp, dats all. He skeered Pooka n hisseff more'n ennyfing. Dat'll teech him ta go chasin MY lite!!!!

Teazer: (thwaps Mungo) Caint yoo be nice fur ONCE? You done it too, member?

Mungo: Nuh uh! No rain in da rainbox wen I done did it!

Teazer: Mebbe not rain, but oh did you get wet. Mini was takin a baf!

Mungo: Oh... um.... yah.... dat.....

Fire: (perks up) Oohh, I not da only kitteh ta do dat?

Mom: Must remember the videocamera for the next time... and there WILL be a next time muahahaha

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Fire's a stooopid spaz....

Momma maded da red light come out ta play. An we all wuz chasin it round fur a wile. But Fire chaseded it into da splashyroom... where da Pooka girl was in da rainbox! Yep, Fire ended up in da rainbox too! We wuz laffin n laffin n laffin so hard. Efun Momma wuz laffin!

Now Momma wishes sheda had da moovie box runnin ta get it on tape.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I gotses da warm cleen close basket. Momma sez I'm silly diggin myself a nest in da towls.

It got wite outside agin. An Momma still didn't deccyrate. I tink she gaved up on it.

Da kids went to da gramma's house an Momma did lotsa shoppin today. I smell nummystuff in dose bags but she woan show us. She sez it's fur anudder kitty. What? Why she buy nummies fur udder kitties???


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

wif pollygees to Bill Cosby, whoefur he is

...Mom is hip,
She give us lotsa nip....

Yeah baby! We'z flyin today!

Momma putted out nip fer bof us on our scratchy boards. Mungo is hoggin da incline board, but I gots my spinny ball one so dats okay. Momma knows I like ta play wif da ball in da track when I nippy ennyway.

And Firecat aint got none! He trapped in da sleepyroom all by hisseff agin. Stoopid bebeh needs ta lurn ta not climb uppa Momma's shelf tingy on da door. He gotted his butt paddled lass nite fur it, an he cried ta me askin why Momma spankied him. Like I gonna tell him? Dummy.

Oh, Momma needs ta go shoppin, too. We's all outta stinky goodness. How can she let dat happen??? She also said sumpin bout "no otemeel" to da Mini girl, an she got all cranky dat she hadta have tost fur brekfust insted. Beenz are weerd.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey, wots dat stuff???

Deres wite stuff outside!!! Its been fallin frum da sky all day yesserday an all nite an all day so fur today. Wot gives?

Momma tookeded da flashybox wif her to wurk so we cant neeven put up pickshures of it. But we will.... we finks. LOL

Momma was happy bout da wite stuff but she sad too, she dint get da deccyrashuns up outside yet an now she mite not be able to do it. Why does wite stuff make it so Momma cant deccyrate?