Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dis not kewl......

Well, lotsa stuffs not kewl, ackshully.

First, all da beans went way again, buncha times all weekend! First Pooka left wif dat boy. Den Momma an Mini left. Den Momma came home wifout Mini. Den Pooka came home an dat boy left.

Den on Caturday Momma an Pooka left and didn't come back till way after dark. At least dey left us lotsa crunchies and some stinkies. Momma got mad when she saw someone did horkies, an she's sayin she's gonna take away our stinkies to see if dat's why *someone* keeps doin it.

Den Sunday Momma an Pooka left agin, but dis time dey came back wif Mini. An den Momma an Mini left an Pooka stayeded home. But she didn't wanna play, she sez she hurted too much. But she didn't hurted too much to mess 'round wif Momma's pooperbox... Den Momma an Mini came back in da movin box but didn't come in da house, an Pooka left wif em again! Dey weren't gone so long dis time tho.

Monday dey all went 'way, an dey came back smellin like anudder kitty. An she made da bright hot thing in da yard and put meat in it.

Today *someone* tried to horky agin, dis time under Mini's sleepyplace. Momma caughted him in time and tossed him in da wet place. Course den he didn't do it. Why's he keep makin horky? He's gonna make me not never get no stinkies agin!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wait... what???

Samantha Flores posted a Tursday Thirteen on da Tuxie Hideout and now I'se confoozled....

Am I a Moocat or a Jellicle Cat?????

I'se more white den Mungo. Momma sez our markings are furry similar but my whitespots are just bigger den hers.

Da hoomans dat live wif our mommacat called me MooMoo when I was a furry little baby before we came to live wif Momma.

Momma!!!! Come home n answer me!!!!!!!!!!

Your confoozled Teazer

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We's been tagged! Daisy da Curly Cat askeded us to play long...

Time of Day:
Rampaging Elllafunt time.

Day of the week:
Ummmmmmm Sunday. Da Hoomans usually stay home on Sunday.

Season of the year:
Springtime Fevvers!! An Buggies!

Krissymass. We likes da tree and da boxes.

What's a beach?

So Long and Thanks for All Da Fish


Talk show:
We doan no. Momma doan watch dose.


Momma doan watch does eedur.

Milk! We doan get it often tho, an when we do, it's just tiny bits.


Whisker Lickins

Stinky Goodness!!! Specially BEEF


So now we's gotsta tag kitties? Ummmmm..... Da Feline Sextet, an Darling Millie, an Oreo (who is NOT a cookie!) an Merlin n Dobby an.... um..... YOU!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stack-em Saturday

It's rare to find bof of us in da kitty condo at da same time. Mostly it's cause Momma lures us wif treets.... An den she takes us places... like da stabby place.

So when it does happen, we're always watchin fur da gates. You kin see dey aren't attached at all here. We noo we wuz safe dis time, Momma can't put em on fast enuf to catch us if dey aren't already partly on when she gets us in.

Teazer does like to lay in da bottom one all da time, it's like a secret little hidey hole. I like my soft bunkiebeds better.


Speshul message fur Darling Millie

Millie, we cant's leave bloggiments on yur noo post bout da Gizzy Quilts. We bets Blogger ated sumfing.

Ennyway, we still fink dat your Mommy is plannin sumfin exter speshul fur you n Jazmine. And date efurry-color quilt is speshul... it's got pieces of efurrykitty's quilts in it!

Wif lots of luv,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

...About Last Night

So da Momma was been soooo weerd yesserday. She lefted like normal, but den she came back early. Lotsa times. Furst she gotted some book and a drinky. Den she came back agin fur sumting in plastic baggies. Den she was gone fur a long while.

We founded da nip while efurrybody was gone. It was on da scratchy board! Mungo started sniffin n rollin furst, and den she got it all ofurr da rug. I doan like da scratchy board, so once it was on da rug, den I got to play. When Momma come home early da third time, we wuz bof rollin and clawin and tryin to pull up da rug fur more.

Den while we wuz still nippy, Momma made da redlight come out to play. And we chased so hard dat we wuz wheezin an pantin. We likes to play dat hard! So acourse we hadta bof take sprawly naps on da floor.

Normally Mungo nappies on her bunkiebeds all curleded up. I like da bouncy black chair or da end of Momma's bed where she puts her wet towel. Da wet towel feels nice on my fur, an sometimes I efun try to crawl underneath... but only when I think nobeenz are lookin. Momma's caught me a couple times and called me a sillykitty. But I nefurr curl up in a ball... I always lay sprawled out, most of da time twisted round like a pretzel stick. Momma sez I look silly wif my head pointed one way an my back paws pointed da udder. But hey, I gotta be you-neek.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Why is beenz so weerd?

Momma went out walkies late tonight. After da kids wuz in bed, efun. An she camed back wif green stuffs! Lie-lacks n sumpin she calls hummysucker. And she put da lie-lacks an hummysucker in a funny cup wif water in it, an now da funny cup is on a high cabinet we can't climb.

Why'd she bring home nummies if we can't have none? And why'd she go walkies after dark? Don't she know she belongs on da puter or in da sleepy room?

Oh, and no sick-ay-duh's yet. We finks dey all dieded from sleepin fer 17 yeers. But we get to chase da red dot lots.

Purrrrrrrrrs n headbutts,

Friday, May 11, 2007

More about buggies n spots

I wuz not skeered of da red dot thingy. I wuz lettin Mungo be an idjit wif it while I plotted out my attack. We figgereded out dat da redlight comes from a jingly thingy Momma keeps on her desk. We keep tryin to get da jingly thingy when she's seepin or huntin, but we can't make da light play. We need thumbs!!

As fer da speshul buggies, Momma sez dey been seepin in da dirt fur 17 yeers. Dats a lots n lots of nappies! I wonder what dey eat in da dirt in all dat time. When dey come out, dey eat efurryting green dey can get, an den dey grow hard shells an dey do stuff to make noo buggies, and den dey die. And da noo buggies dig into da dirt an seep fur 17 yeers. Momma sez dey called "sick-ay-duhs" an dat dey kinda like "low-cuts" but not xacly.

Oh, an sumpin else. Momma broughted home flowers yessserday. Purty purple ones on long sticks wif leaves. She calls em lie-lacks. An she won't let us eat em! Da Elphie Lady sez mebbe dey not safe fur kitties... Does ennybuddy no?


Saturday, May 5, 2007

What da heck?

Dere's a red thing on da floor. An it moves. An it's fast. I keep tryin to catch it but it gets away from me efurry time I get close.

Mini just sits n watches me n giggles. She doan help none. And Momma's watchin through da silver box dat makes da moovies.

I think Teazer's skeered of da red thing. It got close to him once n he scooted away. But Momma sez da lady lions do all da hunting, so mebbe it's just my job to catch da buggies an da fevvers an da red things.

Oooh , speakin of buggies, Momma sez I'm gonna have fun dis summer wif big ugly buggies dat only show up efurry sebenteen years. Dats longer n da Pooka is old. I wonder how big buggies get if dey sleep dat long.

Luv from Mungo