Sunday, March 25, 2007


Momma opened da winnows! An da doors too! An she put treats out fur da tweeters, but dey hidin so far. We likes da breezes.

Pooka an da Mini haff figgered out dat we like da brushies. Specially da pink one wif da prickly tings. We's been makin em brush us n get all our loose hairs out. Pooka sez she can almost make a wig fer one o dem nekkid kitties, da shy-knees ones. Why would kitties be shy bout knees?

Da guy who lives in da next parment brought Momma a big paper bag fulla bread. Not da green papers but da eatin kind. And Momma made breadcrumbs n garlic bread n sumpin she calls crootans. And her momma was sposta come by an take summa da bread but she din't show. Momma's pretty proud of herself fer doin dis, she was sad dat da guy gaved her nine loafs and most of it would go bad.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Momma's doing stringy thingy and won't share wif me agin.

An she's watchin sumpin weerd on da teevee. Buncha guys - leest I *tink* dey're guys - in funny makeup n shiny suits n flashy lights. One kinda looks like a kitty cat, anudder's gotta star on his face. And one's got WINGS! She's upset cause of sumpin called a simpunny n dat she caint heer em. Keeps mutterin bout sumbunny she calls selloutica bein better wif da simpunny.

Beans are sooooooooooo weerd.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


So Momma was gone all weekend. Pooka was here with da gramma person for a while and dey cleaneded da food room. Dey even moveded furniture, but dey moved it all back. Dat was silly of dem.

But now we know dey done goin way fur a while.... put da "sootkase" away. Goody!

It's gettin warm and Momma keeps openin windows fur us. We like to sit on the ledge n smell the air outside. We doan wanna go out, we just like to smell. But we doan like it when it's wet out dere, like right now.

Momma made more moovies of us, we're tryin ta get her ta put em on da pooperbox.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Oh, beeefore we furrget, Momma moved efurrything round in her sleepy room. We likes it better now cause we can get to her window, but it was kinda skeery while she was wurkin. Specially when purple sucky monster came out to eat. I hadta hiss at purple sucky monster a couple times to tell it to go way.

After dat, it's been a nice quiet couple days. But now Momma's puttin clothes in dat black wheely thingy agin. We just got Pooka to empty it out!!

I heard Momma tellin somebunny to pick up Mini fur her. Where's she gonna be? And what about Pooka? And are we still gonna get our stinkies n our treats?

Sumbunny tell da hoomans to stay home!!!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

It tooked her long enough

But we fine-ally got to get on da pooperbox so we's could post.

Pooka girl came home late Sunday night. Why do they call it Sunday when there wasn't any sun? Strange beans. Anyway, she smelleded really weird so we had to do lots of rubbin n markin her up agin. I got my spechul sweater back, tho. Silly girl tooked it wif her.

Pooka n Mini n da weird guy stayed home Monday. Sumpin bout no skool cause of Pool Asking Day. Den weird guy leff with Mini and Pooka stayed home. She was sleepin most of the time weird guy was here, efun wif Teazer puttin bitey on her feets.

Nuttin else intersting till now. Momma sed sumpin bout takin Mini to her work n Pooka is at a contest. And she leff da pooperbox runnin!

Are tings fine-ally back to normal?


Friday, March 2, 2007

We's got a new sisfur!!

And we's gots a pickshure already over dere ~~>

Hers name is Bombalurina. She's purty quiet though. Mebbe we kin get her to talk later.

We's not shure how she gotted oringe fur, though, if she's our sisfur. Cause we's black n whyte. No oringe nowhere on us!

Mungo n Teazer

Oh come on already

Now da weeerd guy dudn't show. Da Mini is in her fishie jammas watchin teeve, and da Momma's in bed. Dey boff sposta be gone. And just WHERE is our Pooka?

Come to think of it, where's my spechul Pooka sweater?



Da weeerd hooman guy showeded up. Den da Pooka gotted outta bed. It's still darkdars, so what she doon? Den Momma and da Pooka leff. Den Momma came back wifout da Pooka. Den da weeeerd guy leff. Now Momma's in bed where she beeelongs.

Now we can play!!


Thursday, March 1, 2007

These beans are weird

She go seepy too early. She go seepy late. Now she tell da witchy woman she not go seepy a tall!

I dunno wot's goin on. Sumpin bout da Pooka-gurrl goin way. So Momma is playin wif stringy thingy an ignorin Teazer tellin her is beddytime.

Humph. Now Teazer's off huntin stuff.

Oh, we got noo crunchies dis mornin. And Teazer's a hog. I din't get nun till Momma leff fer werk.

Time for tackles!