Friday, July 27, 2007

Ohs noes!!!!!!!

Da sootcase is out agin. Who's leavin? When? and fur how long????

Da guybean's hangin round a lot longer den he useta. An da Mini, too. Sumpin bout summer skool been done. An other beans keep showin up. An dey smell like da same woofy dat da guybean sumtimes smells like. We doan like em, and we doan tink Pooka likes em much needer. She plays nice but we kin tell she's playin. Why do beenz do dat?

Monday, July 16, 2007

We almost forgotted

But da Sextet remindeded us....

Our beenz came home yesserday smellin like WOOFIES! Little woofies. Well, mostly little. Dere were fore baby woofies n a momma woofie n da momma's momma woofie n some boy woofie dat wasn't part of da fambly at all. An Mini smelleded like woofie all ofur da place. I wunner if she was rasslin woofies.

Mommy sez she was a naughty been cuz she forgotted da flashyboxes an dat Mini was lotsa fun wif da woofies. Silly mommy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's Mommy's purrrthday today! She's reeeeeeeely old.... dirtyfor, sez da Pooka. We gonna go pounce her later. She's off huntin in da sitty tooday.

Pooka's makin a cake an den she's gonna go to Abby's house to take pickshures of our new bubbies n sissies. Den Mommy kin figger out if she kin bring any more home wif us. We tole Pooka to tell da babbies ta make deyre cutest "save me" faces.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Mommy founded a new blog dat might be innersting fur some kitties n dere hoomans. It's called "Unleashed" and da linkie is in da sidebar as well.

It's ritten fer Chicatgo area beenz (Mommy sez da blogger is a ree-porter for da Chicatgo Treee-boon) but mebbe dere be sum good stuff fur efurrybody.

We's gonna put dis on da Tuxedo Gang Hideout too. An mebbe Blogger will play nice an let us use a title dere cause it not been nice now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ddis culd be innersting.....

Our meowmy jest hadded more kitties. Pooka sez lass nite. Itsybitsy tuxies n a callie n two dat are wite n creem so far.

Hoomanmommy's tinkin bout bringin sum home wen dey weened. An da Sextet's mommy is en-... en-... tellin her ta do it!!!

Do we like dis idea? We like da smell on Pooka's clothes, but do we want little bruddas? (dey reely are bruddas if we all haf da same meowmy, right?)

We tryin tell Pooka to take her flashybox to Meowmy's house so we kin see em. We'll see if she heers us.