Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen ways life got weird round here...

1. Pooka keeps disdapeering at nite when she's sposta be home wif us. Momma sez she's at sumfin called reehursal.

2. Mini been makin fings wif stinky gooshy stuff called plado. We doan get it.

3. Momma wuz makin horky noises in da hoomanlitterbox room.

4. Den Da Big Guy showeded up an tooked efurrybody away.

5. Pooka cameded home but not Momma or Mini....

6. Fur days n days n days!!!

7. Den Pooka maded messes in da sleepyrooms and putted lotsa toys n clothes n stuff in baggies.

8. We aint had stinky!!!

9. Momma an Mini finally cameded home lass nite.

10. Momma broughted home salads in purty jars but she putted em up high where we can't get em.

11. Now Momma's home when she not sposta be here.

12. An Pooka jess camed home eerly from dat skool place.

13. An Momma won't hold us, she sez she hurts..... WOT GIVES???????

DaMomma sez:
I had a severe gallstone attack last week starting Thursday. Didn't know that's what it was at the time, I thought I'd just eaten something that didn't agree with me. I finally sought out medical attention when I saw signs of jaundice. I was admitted to the hospital after going through the ER on Saturday afternoon. My parents were taking care of Mini while Pooka decided to take advantage of the quiet time to weed out toys that they don't play with and clothes they don't fit. And despite what the kitties say, there were adults here quite frequently making sure everything was okay. My gallbladder was removed (along with several medium to large stones and a lot of gravel) and I was finally discharged late yesterday and Mini and I came home at last. Now I'm on an enforced leave of absence until my post-op exam next week.