Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Terrible Tuxie Toosday

We's big cat hunters!!

Late lass nite (or reely erly dis mornin, pendin on how yoo count it), a big black cat came wandrin in our yard. Skeered away our fevvers we wuz watchin. An he came right up to da door!!

Mommy wuz bizzy on da pooperbox, so she dint know wot waz goin on. She gotted outta her chair to close da glas part of da door cause she herd howlin. "I hope dats a woofie in sumbunny's yard", she sed. Cept da glas was alredy closed!

So dere we wuz, bof sittin rite at da door, all tense. An Mungo wuz howlin. Like a woofie! Not loud, but enuf dat Mommy herd it.

Den she lookeded out da glas an saw da strange kitty. He putted his paws on da glas an I chittered at him. Mungo wuz still howlin. Mommy wanted to go shoo him way but she was fraid we'd try to get out if she openeded da door to push him way wif da broom.

She scoopeded us bof up and took us to her sleepyroom an gave us cuddles on da bed to help us settle down. But den da kitties next door started cryin at da strange kitty an we ran way from Mommy to go help.

Mommy dint get much sleep lass nite. She cranky today, but she sez we wuz good kitties fer pertecting da house.

Mebbe when da strange kitty comes back agin, she'll member da flashy box so yous can heer us yell n howl.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Derby: we's in suburban Chicago. Momma sez dat Road America wuz about a too hour drive frum her mommy's house just a few townz away.

Monty: Our noo crunchies are Meow Mix Crustacean Delight. (boy dats hard ta type...) ennyway, it's FISHY! An we likes it!

Efurrybean slepted lots today. Efun us. An Momma turneded on da noisy wall box dat blows cold air. She sez it's too hyoomid fur beenz or kitties.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay Mommy!

We gots goodies!

We gots toooooooona, speshul flaky dry tooooooona dat I lurve. An we gots toys an NIP! An toys wif nip inside, efun! An we gots crunchy treats. Mommy sez dose are fur Teazer cause he doan like flaky toooooooona.

Oh, an she gots us more food too. Crunchy an stinky bof.

We happy kitties today!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things we like to do, speshully when da beenz is gone or sleepin...

1. Climb up into Pooka's bed (she's got da top bunkie).
2. Look outta da winnow from Pooka's bed. Mungo likes ta squeeze herself between da bars of da bed, I just hang ofur da top.
3. Watch fer fevvers n kaydas out da back door.
4. Eat.
5. Sleep. Duh.
6. Make biscuits wif Pooka's sweater n pillow n Mommy's blankie (if she leaves da door open...)
7. Try ta find a way into Mommy's sleepyroom if she closes da door (like she does most days)
8. Try ta find a way OUTTA Mommy's sleepyroom if she axidently closes Mungo in dere! (Ya know, she's really gotta stop hidin under da bed when Mommy gets dressed...)
9. Eat.
10. Sleep. Duh.
11. Play on Mommy's desk. She's been gettin smart n turnin off da puter.
12. Try ta play wif Mommy's stringy thingy projects.
13. Play rampaging heffalumps.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy is furry sad...

Mr. Wizard passed away today at the age of 89 from cancer. Mommy loved watching his teevee show as a kidbean. She's in da foodroom makin sumpin called a volcano in his memry...

Beenz is weerd. But we hope Mr. Wizard had a kitty to help him feel okay before he went to da HoomanBridge.

Tuxie Toosday

Here I is on Momma's pooperbox bloggin fer ya's. Yes da pickshure is blurry, Mungo doan no how to read da display on da flashybox to wait for da "anti-shake" to turn on.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Munchies Monday

Momma filleded our food bowl lass night befurr she went to bed (an she went early, too... wazzup wif dat?), and when she gotted up dis mornin it was all empty agin. So she gaved us anudder scoop of crunchy befurr she gotted in da wet place, an our bowl was almoss empty agin when she leff fur her workie place.

Yeah, we's got da munchies. An dere's still some nip in da carpet. {insert sooperbig kittygrins}

An we member now why we wuz sposta be mad. Momma HERDED us!!! Dey wuz all cleenin an makin da purple sucky monster run roun da room, and den she spread out da yellow stinky stuff on da carpet an skeered us way when we sniffed at it. An den da sucky monster came out agin an made da yellow stinky stuff go way. An den? SHE LOCKED US IN DA BEDROOM!!! At lees she gave us our food n water n potty, an she openeded da winnows. But how could she?!

An den??? Lotsa udder beenz showeded up. Da Grammabean an da Daddobean an da sissy an bruddabeenz an some ofur girlbean. An dey sat outside in da yard where we could see em an ate MEAT. An ooh it smelled so good, but nobody would share.

Da Daddobean set up sumpin dey called a "tent" an dey all sat unnerneef it in da shade, an dey ate an drank an laffed. Pooka an da bruddabean wuz playin wif our kaydas an makin da udder girlbeen all ooogy.

Momma fineally let us outta da bedroom when bruddabean an da girlbean leff. Grammabean, Daddobean and Mini leff a little later. Sissybean didn't go way till late. By den Momma gave us nip n stinky goodness n we wuz happy agin.

Ooh, Pooka's awake at last. Mebbe we kin get more crunchies frum her!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Momma gived us nip.... we wuz gonna complain bout sumpin but we fergotted whut it wuz. Cuz we gotted nip. N kaydas. N stinky goodness.

Mebbe we go put biteys on her toeses while she sleeps. She woan no we fergotted to be mad. Right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Dis is dry flaky tooooooooona:

Clicky here!

Nummy nummy nummy stuffies. Teazer just sniffs n walks away. I gobble up all I can before Momma takes da bowl 'way. I've efun gotten it off her desk before, but I can't get it open yet.

And I know dis thing by sight. Just like we know da redlight thingy is coming out when we hear the jingle.

Dreaming of dry flaky tooooooooona,
pee ess... we keep goin to TGH by misstake when we wanna rite here.... we delete em and move em when we figger it out, but mebbe sometimes somebuddy might see our posts in da wrong place...


Momma's helpin da Feline Sextet prettify up deyre bloggie. Da Feline Momma figgereded out da pickshure albums on her own, but Momma's teechin her bout da sidebar thingy.

Momma's not feelin too good, needer. She tookeded sumpin called benadrill lassnight for her sneezies an she still all brainfuzzy an tired. When she tookeded da benadrill stuff on da weekend, she sleepeded almost ALL DAY LONG! Beenz aint sposta sleep like kittehs.

Oh, and Momma's jelus. Her friendbean is goin to someplace called da Carry-been fur wurk. Fur monfs and monfs. She's happy fur him, but she's sad too cause she finks she won't get to talk to him no more. He helps build houses an offices an hoppitalls.

Momma gaved us stinky agin lass night. Nobody's been horkie fur a while so she letted us have good food agin. She also gotted us some of da hairball stuffies youse kittehs told us bout, so mebbe dat help. Oh, and I gots TOONA! Spechul dried flaky toona. Teazer doan like it, so it's all fur ME!! Now I gotta figger out howta open da bowl when she gone.