Monday, November 26, 2007

Dems hoomans.....

Such strange creatures...

Dey all stayeded home from skool n wurk n all da udder tings dey do fer da last coupla days. Momma made lotsa messes in da food room an made it all hot n smelly. Good smelly, but still smelly. And den she moveded da table into da pickshure box room n put a blankie on it n den da udder hooomans camed over. An dey all ated at da table an didn't share wif us!!!

Well, not rite away, at least. Later, when Momma shoveded da table aginst a wall so's dey could play on da pickshure box, Momma gaved us all bits of sumpin called turkey. Nom nom nom!!! Teazer n Firecat din't like it, but I LUVS it. Momma gaved dem corn when dey wouldn't eat da turkey, an deys wuz happy wif dat.

We finks tings is back ta normal, but we's not sure......


Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's OUR day!

Two yeers ago today Momma broughted us home from our kittymomma's house. We wuz furry little n kinda skeered cause dere weren't many places ta hide (kittymomma's house wuz furry cluttered n had lotsa boxes n baskets n furniture wif dark places unnerneaf).
Dis wuz were we tooked our firstest nap at our noo home. Unner a chair dey call a po-ang. Lotsa space n no darkstuff. In cayse yooo can't tell, we's bof curleded up tageddah dere. Dat's my head on Teazer's butt.
Laytah, after our nappies, we started explorin. We founded da poopybox n da foods n toys. Momma gotted us a kewl toy wif a mousie on a springything dat jingled wen we hitted it. Dat was Teazer's favrit for a long time. See, he still luvved dat toy fur momfs n momfs.... dis pikshure wuz taken just afore our firsted birfday.

Now efun wif da noisy little beast of a bruddah around, we take speshul care of da house n da beans. An we no we's still da babies. Momma sez so!

See, here we is guardin gainst little sticky beans!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ohs noes!!!

Mungo jest tole me a seekrit. I gettin a hoohaectomy. An Teazer jest laffed n laffed.

Daisy tole us wot a hoohaectomy is today. I skeered. Mostly I skeered coz Teazer bein mean bout it.

Oh! An tomorrow I gonna be four whole mumfs old! Ise such a big kitty. I gotta get Momma to take a pickshure of me on da keyboard agin so youses kin see how big I gettin.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Little kitty, big fishie

Dis is da Mini's toy frum sum neeemo moovie. Mommy tooked him away after dis cause sum of da stitchin wuz comin off.

Momma sez: nothing structural, just an embroidered "scar". But I didn't want to risk strings being eaten.